41-year-old Chinese woman 1 woman walking in space outside a spaceship

Two Chinese astronauts completed a spacewalk on Monday (8) carry out outside carry out central module of a future space station. As a result, Wang Yaping, 41, became the first woman to walk into space outside the ship, Beijing state media reported.

Zhai Zhigang , 55, commander of a mission over Shenzhou-, opened the hatch of a central cabin Tianhe t 18they would51 perform on Sunday (7) and was accompanied by Wang on a spacewalk that lasted 6 hours and 30 minutes.

The pair returned to the 1h module on a Monday (8), said the CCTV. A third astronaut, Ye Guangfu, helped the inside duo perform the primary module.

“Manned space exploration would be incomplete without the participation of these women,” said Yang Yuguang, vice president perform Committee on Transport Space from an International Federation on Astronautics, to the Worldwide Periods.

Shenzhou- the second dies four misses that a China’s space station carry out from the last over 2022.

During the first of these missions, which ended in September, three other astronauts stayed at Tianhe for 55 days.

The current mission, released on about October, have the duration over six months.

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