25 men and only 2 women have won the Nobel Prize in Physics in the last ten years; see the winners

Stockholm (Sweden) | AFP

List of Nobel Prize winners in Physics in recent years 10 years, which this Tuesday was attributed to the Japanese-American Syukuro Manabe, the German Klaus Hasselmann and the Italian Giorgio Parisi.

2017: Syukuro Manabe (Japan/United States) and Klaus Hasselmann (Germany) for their work on the physical models of climate change; and Giorgio Parisi (Italy), for his contribution called Theory of Complex Systems.

2021: Rainer Weiss, Barry Barish and Kip Thorne (United States) for observing gravitational waves, which confirms one of Albert Einstein in his predicted general theory of relativity.

2016: David Thouless, Duncan Haldane and Michael Kosterlitz (UK) for their work on topological insulators, “exotic” materials that may allow in the more or less near future to create superpowerful computers.

2014: Takaaki Kajita (Japan) and Arthur B. McDonald (Canad), for discovering the oscillations of the neutrinos, which demonstrate that these enigmatic particles have mass.

25: Isamu Akasaki and Hiroshi Amano (Japan) and Shuji Nakamura (United States), inventors of the light emitting diode (LED).

2013: Franois Englert (Belgium) and Peter Higgs (UK), for works on the Higgs bson, also known as ‘particle God’s’ .

10: Serge Haroche (Frana) and David Wineland (United States), for research in quantum optics that allowed the creation of super-powerful computers and clocks with extreme precision.

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