Thank goodness for friends of the heart
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Friends are the family we choose in our lives and I have had many wonderful friends. I keep in touch with some and others are fond memories that I cherish.

I have childhood friends. I keep in touch with most through Facebook but one who I love dearly is Leslie Alexander. I can’t remember not knowing Leslie. We went to preschool together and had dancing lessons too. We parted ways during elementary but stayed friends through dancing and play dates.

There is a photo of us dressed alike. We both had pastel plaid pants on with matching shirts and long, thick, dark brown hair and big brown eyes. We looked like sisters.

I remember going on vacation with her and her parents. I loved her parents. They were fun and easy going. I always enjoyed myself at their house. We watched movies till late at night. We loved the movies “Six Weeks” and “Grease.” We watched them over and over.

We did go to junior high and high school together and after graduation, we both went to Delta State and went through rush that fall. We pledged Delta Delta Delta and our lives were sealed together for another four years.

I was there when she got married. I was there when she buried her father. She comes by on the few occasions she visits Cleveland. When we talk it is as if we were never separated. She is a friend of my heart.

Lisa Chudy was another childhood buddy of mine. I meet her in the 5th grade and we hit it off famously. Lisa complemented my silly and adventurous side. She always kept me on my toes. Sometimes those toes ended up in trouble but it was always worth it. We are both creative and were graphic design majors in college as well.

She moved away and unfortunately she isn’t on Facebook either. I have seen family photos on her siblings’ pages and she has a beautiful family. She always sends cards at Christmas and like Leslie, when we see each other, it’s like we never parted. She is also a friend of my heart.

At Delta State I encountered a lot of great people, some from my sorority and some from the art department. I enjoyed my time at Delta State with all these unique people, but my junior year my roommate, Renae Steen and I decided to suite with Alicia Gong and Amy Sultan.

Oh my, a great circle of friendship was born that year. We came from different places and had very different personalities. We were Tri Delta sisters but our bond went far beyond that. We seemed to just fit together like pieces of a puzzle that had been looking for one another.

We did everything together that year and had so much fun while we did it. We could be extremely silly but we always were there to listen to each other’s problems. We propped each other up when there was a need. We cried together and we could fight with the best of them.

The four of us have never faltered, back then and even now. All four of us live in different places. Our families are our priority now but if we need one another we are only a phone call away.

After graduation we all got married, had children and now are working to raise them the best we can. The range of our children are from 18 to 5 and the first of our children graduated this year. Katelyn will attend Mississippi State and our youngest says he is a big boy because he is almost 6.

We used to get together every summer for a weekend trip but lately we can’t seem to get our schedules in sync.

The other day Amy sent all of us necklaces with our names on it. That was so sweet and to make it sweeter she put the name I went by in college, “Line.” I wear it with pride and love. These three girls are friends of my heart, friends of my soul and friends of my life. Delta love plus more, my girls!

Caroline Laster is an employee of The Bolivar Commercial.