County continues fire truck discussion
by Elisabetta Zengaro
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A large part of Monday’s Bolivar County Board of Supervisors meeting was centered on the continuing discussion of getting a new fire truck for Mound Bayou.

At the last meeting, Supervisor Preston Billings said he was concerned about response times when the county firefighters were called to help in Mound Bayou and that the city fire trucks were not allowed to the city limits.

“I’m asking for a (county) truck to be placed in Mound Bayou,” said Billings.

In an effort to resolve the matter and possibly find funding for a new truck in Mound Bayou, Billings requested Deputy State Fire Coordinator Brad Smith address the board.

“I mentioned the problem to him during the Board of Supervisors Conference in Biloxi and he said that he knows how the situation can be remedied,” Billings said at the previous board meeting.

Joe Phillips, fire chief of Bolivar County, said there are 13 bunkers in the county.

“We have three here. The rest are distributed throughout the county,” he said, adding there were no spare trucks available.

Mound Bayou Fire Chief Edgar Glover said Mound Bayou has two trucks that are owned by the city.

“We’re asking for a truck to help in assisting county fires,” said Glover.

Smith asked if the county collected fire tax in Mound Bayou and he was told it did not.

“Are the areas around that municipality around a legally defined fire district or no-man’s land,” Smith asked. “In order for them to properly do things there would need to be a legally defined boundary. Fire districts typically set up road mile districts between stations.”

Smith advised that the Mound Bayou Volunteer Fire Department look at purchasing a tanker instead of a truck because the tanker would be cheaper to purchase and serve as an extra source of water to extinguish fires.

To answer Billings claim that the county had slow response time in regard to fires, Phillips reported firefighters have arrived on the scene within 7-10 minutes during the last few calls, but also added that sometimes Mound Bayou has already arrived on the scene by the time county gets there.

Supervisor James McBride said the board would go on record recommending that Glover and Phillips come up with a resolution together to bring to the board at a later date.

However, Billings added that he wanted the truck removed from the motion.

In other county news, Bolivar County Warden Ora Starks brought two issues of concern to the board’s attention.

These two issues were in regards for the approval of funding to purchase a new dishwasher for the kitchen of the correctional facility and a new air conditioning unit.

The E-911 Commission then presented their report. They asked the board to reallocate the money the commission receives from the C Spire tower.

Lisa Regan, coordinator for the E-911 Commission said the money from the tower goes to general funds, which they could not use.

And the motion to purchase equipment for towns and municipalities from the C Spire tower funds was made.