Air conditioning repaired at regional jail
by Paisley Boston
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An air-conditioning issue has been resolved at the Bolivar County Regional Correctional Facility.

Warden Ora Starks said there was a problem with the cooling system but it has been resolved.

"During the time of upgrading to new AC Units several large industrial fans were purchased to be utilized in the housing units. We also provided offenders with several yard calls/recreation daily, provided coolers and ensured they are filled with ice throughout the day," said Starks.

"Two new AC Units were installed and they are functioning properly at this time. Problem with the AC Units occurred a few weeks ago but immediate action was taken to rectify the problem," she added.

To remedy the situation, she said the facility purchased new units and also did a few upgrades.

"The expectancy of the AC Units is approximately 10 years. The AC Units have not been upgraded or replaced since the facility was built which was in 1999," she added.

Although there were problems with the units, Starks said the air conditioning problem did not affect the entire facility because daily operation of the facility was maintained and run efficiently.

"At any correctional facility unexpected maintenance issues occur but I take immediate action as any maintenance issue occurs at the facility to rectify the problem. As previously, I had to upgrade the camera system due to the old camera system was not functioning properly," continued Starks.

She said she was prompted to fix the camera system because the facility utilizes it for safety and with the cameras they can monitor what is going on in the different housing units and throughout the facility.

"The facility's missions regarding the housing conditions are to ensure the facility is continued to be maintained and ran efficiently and effectively. Also, as issues occur to address immediately to rectify the problem. Along with maintaining compliance according to ACA Guidelines and Mississippi Department of Corrections Policies," said Starks.