Capps center is said to benefit many
by Elisabetta Zengaro
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Individuals who complete training sessions at the Capps Technology are said to earn a higher salary and have job security.

“Statistics reveal that the trainees earn an annual salary increase ranging from $9,946 to $1,311,” said Morgan.

“A small group who completed electronics last year had a salary increase of a high of $24,142, and a small group in food production showed an increase of $404. The overall average salary increase is $2,572 as a direct result of our training sessions. Increased pay is only half the bonus that training sessions provide individuals," he added.

Morgan also said individuals who complete work force training possess skills that allow them to meet job standards and perform well during their careers.

“An overall job retention rate of 92.41 percent means that 9 out of 10 individuals have job security. If companies require specialized, advanced training that is not offered locally, we provide funding for their employees to go off-site,” continued Morgan.

"The center just completed Agriculture Production, Pharmacy Technician Certification Prep, and Manufacturing Technology training sessions. We also work with economic development officials at the local, county and state levels to assist in the recruitment of new businesses and the expansion of existing ones,” he added.

Morgan said agricultural production is a changing field and new technology requires employees to be skilled in guidance systems and maintenance on highly technical equipment.

Training topics include farm safety, operating tractors, maneuvering wide-span rigs in tight surroundings, GPS guidance systems, handling chemicals and basic tractor maintenance.

The training includes industrial maintenance, OSHA safety training, quality, management, blueprint reading and precision measurement, fiber optics technology and advanced medical training for healthcare professionals.

Morgan said the center also follows up with trainees three months after training.

For over 10 years, the Capps Technology Center has provided customized training sessions to businesses and industries in the Mississippi Delta.

The Charles W. Capps, Jr. Technology Center at Mississippi Delta Community College was founded in 2002 as a way to provide customized training solutions to businesses and industries in the Mississippi Delta.

Located in Indianola, Miss., the geographical center of MDCC’s seven-county district, the Capps Technology Center offers training to manufacturers, banks, agribusiness, healthcare providers and many small businesses.

It is also the Workforce Education Division of MDCC.

The center is relatively easy to commute to from surrounding cities, as Cleveland, Greenwood, Greenville and Belzoni, are only about 30 minutes away.

Training sessions are conducted at the Capps Center and at the main MDCC campus in Moorhead, but some companies conduct training at their facility.

"Those on a budget can still take full advantage of the training the center. We fund training on a cost-share basis for companies and individuals and contribute all the resources we can access,” said Morgan.

The main source of funding for the center is the Mississippi Community College Board.

“We also apply for grants and have been awarded funding by the Delta Workforce Investment Area, Mississippi Development Authority and Department of Labor,” he added.

“Whether you are an employer needing to train existing employees, or a job-seeker needing technical skills, we want to work with you,” he continued.

Training sessions are set to begin in August.

For more information visit or call 662-887-2876.