Drew native returns to help youth
by Paisley Boston
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A former Drew native has returned to help mold the lives of youth in Sunflower and Bolivar counties.

Gloria Carter Dickerson, licensed life coach for Heal Your Life Coaching and founder of We 2Gether Create Change, said she is trying to change the negative perceptions and connotations about the Mississippi Delta by working with over 400 youth to encourage and promote positive thinking.

Dickerson said she works in low income communities to help children experience more joy, self-love and to begin to eliminate any limiting beliefs they have about reaching their full potential.

"I currently host a workshop titled 'Dollar for Your Thoughts' for youth at a Mississippi Delta Community College site in Drew. I encourage youth to attend this workshop by offering them incentives for their attendance," said Dickerson.

"I have many tools in my toolbox, such as affirmations, mirror work, guided meditations, and visualizations. I use these tools in my workshops and in my one-on-one coaching to help both teens and adults reach their full potential and create a happy, healthy and whole life," she added.

"I feel that a person's mindset has a lot to do with their mentality and their outlook on life. I want to help our youth by being that changing force that encourages them to think differently so that they will be successful," continued Dickerson.

"I decided to make it my job to be a positive force in the lives of children in Sunflower and parts of Bolivar County. I feel like this my calling."

Dickerson recruits youth for workshops by distributing applications at schools in Sunflower and Bolivar counties.

"I do not require a lot of paperwork for the children and I tend to try to focus on the children who are academically challenged because there are so many opportunities out here for brighter children. I am back in Sunflower County and I decided that it is time for me to give back because I have done well and now it is time for me to help others," she continued.

While Heal Your Life Coaching is similar to other coaching programs, there are some important differences.

Throughout the coaching process, Dickerson said she works with individuals to introduce a variety of techniques for self-love and approval.

"My goal through Heal Your Life Coaching is to teach individuals the tools to access the inner-self," said Dickerson.

"I try to help them by molding their minds to 'think outside of the box' and know that there is more to life than what they see everyday," she added.

Dickerson said the building she currently hosts the workshops in is not large enough to accommodate all children; therefore, she has decided to build a transformation/retreat center in Drew.

"I have been doing this workshop for four years and now I feel as though I have outgrown the space that I am in. I also need my own space because MDCC has decided not to rent out the building anymore," she continued.

To aid with her vision, the Drew leaders allowed Dickerson to lease over nine acres of land for $1 for 99 years.

"I am not certain of the cost for the construction for the proposed building but I am certain that it is in the millions. I plan to seek grants, private donations and just anything that I can get to help with this project," Dickerson said.

"We are still in the planning stages, we just acquired the land and I had a surveyor to come out and look at the site. He is in the process of trying to come up with plans for the building," she added.

"It will be a place where people in the community can come and get lessons in life skills, cultural arts, enrichment programs and many other activities that they may not receive in school," she added.

Dickerson said the building would encompass an auditorium, ballroom, classrooms, breakout rooms, meditation room, and yoga room.

She also said the building would be accessible to members of the community for occasions such as meetings, weddings, parties or any other occasion.

For more information, contact Dickerson at 601-832-3253.