Supes table several items until May
by Paisley Boston
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Bolivar County employees did not receive authorization to work on the county’s Earth Day, April 12.

In Monday’s regularly scheduled Bolivar County Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor James McBride said he was unaware that two county employees worked on Earth Day.

The discrepancy was noted after Assistant Road Manager Lee Chatman presented the road department’s report.

“In years past I do not remember a board order for the county to participate in Earth Day,” said McBride.”

According to McBride he is concerned about whether or not the county does anything that deviates from a normal workday or a municipal cleanup day.

“Normally we try to coordinate clean up days on those days when municipalities do clean up days as long as it is not considered overtime. No one has done a board order for county employees to work or participate in Earth Day, yet we have employees working on that day and this will encompass the need for overtime,” said McBride.

“My concern is that we had two county employees that worked that day and they are required to receive overtime unless they were volunteering. We need to alleviate this problem by requiring a board order before they work on weekends,” said McBride.

Supervisor Donny Whitten said he was under the impression that Earth Day was a countywide event.

“I know that the city of Cleveland hosted the event but I thought it was a countywide effort,” said Whitten.

After much debate, the board of supervisors decided to make a motion to discuss the matter at the next board meeting in May.

State Championship winners John F. Kennedy Memorial High School and Shaw High School have received a great deal of recognition for their accomplishment and to add to their honors, board members discussed possible signage for both schools.

The request was presented by Supervisor Preston Billings at a previous board meeting.

“It is not the place of the board of supervisors to make this type of decision. The community and the school board should make this decision. They have a budget,” said Supervisor Donny Whitten.

“Signage for the state champions should not have been listed on the agenda. It should not be on the agenda because when we place it on the agenda, it gives individuals the impression that this is something that we could possibly do,” said Board Attorney Linda Coleman.

“This is something that you all do not have the authority to handle but the public will think that this decision is left up to the county because it has been place on the agenda,” she added.

McBride said this request was possibly listed on the agenda due to the fact that the county’s agenda process is outdated.

“Our policy process is dated back two to three years ago and this is when I was not president. There are some things that are not in the authority of the board that have been addressed. I am not trying to be obnoxious, I am just being factual,” said McBride.

Youth Court Judge Gwen Thomas presented a request for the approval of the new facilities administrator to attend a two-day training for crisis management and suicide prevention.

The training will be financed by the state.

Assistant Road Manager Lee Chatman presented several requests to members of the board from the towns of Merigold and Beulah.

He also presented requests for the city of Cleveland and the Lead Bayou Drainage District.

“The town of Merigold is requesting assistance with the railroad track in order to begin phase one of their walking trail project. They also want dirt and gravel spread,” said Chatman.

“The town of Beulah is requesting assistance with gravel near the water tower and South Front Street. Lead Bayou Drainage District is asking for assistance with the purchase of coverage,” he added.

Chatman also made a request for Rosedale for assistance with cleaning a ditch on Court Street.

County Engineer Bob Eley gave an update on some ongoing projects.

“The Pearman Road Ditch project began today. Everything else is pretty much going on and nearing completion. The Stanton Sewer project is about 75 percent complete. We will all of the tanks in the ground by the end of this week. Everything is just about in place,” said Eley.