Twins double the pleasure for expecting Hayes Cooper teacher
by Courtney Warren
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Twins Ella and Mary Michael Fioranelli, Cabot and Elle Nassar, and Malachi and Machia Franklin of Mrs. Aguzzi's class said they enjoyed playing together and always having a friend.
Twins Ella and Mary Michael Fioranelli, Cabot and Elle Nassar, and Malachi and Machia Franklin of Mrs. Aguzzi's class said they enjoyed playing together and always having a friend.
Twins are unique; three sets of twins the same age and in the same class is even more unique.

In Mrs. Celeste Aguzzi's third grade classroom she has three sets of twins — Ella and Mary Michael Fioranelli, Cabot and Elle Nassar, and Malachi and Machia Franklin.

And not only does Aguzzi teach these twins but she is also 6 months pregnant with twins.

When asked what is one of their favorite things about their twin, most of the children said they liked that someone was always in their corner.

"I like having someone to play with," said Ella.

"I like being able to protect her," said Malachi.

Elle was excited to explain the silliest thing about her twin Cabot is that he likes to play dress up and pretend to be a girl.

"I'm Cabolita!" said Cabot as he tossed his pretend hair over his shoulder while the other twins giggled.

"He is really funny. He says that I'm the brains and he's the looks," said his sister Elle.

Mary Michael and Ella said they've tried a few times to trick people into thinking they were each other. One of the easiest ways to tell them apart is by Mary Michael's small pink birthmark on her cheek, so when the girls pretended to be each other, they took this into consideration.

"We switched clothes and put a dot on her (Ella's) face and tried to cover up mine. We asked our parents if they knew which was which and they didn't," said Mary Michael.

While Ella and Mary Michael explained that when they were younger they dressed alike but don't now, the Franklin twins said they still wear similar colors and patterns.

"I like to wear skirts though not dresses," said Machia.

All of the twins said they enjoyed always having a friend.

"No matter what, your twin always has your back. If no one wants to play with you and you're all alone, your twin will always play with you," said Mary Michael.

Aguzzi said she has enjoyed watching how the twins interact with one another; especially the Franklin and Nassar twins because she is also have a boy and a girl.

Aguzzi is married to Victor Aguzzi III and the twins will be their first children.

"This is our first experience with pregnancy and having children but I have had several people come up to me since I've been pregnant with twins and they've said, 'you're very special; only special people get to do this and you'll see why' and that's made me feel really good," she said.

Aguzzi said her pregnancy has gone very smoothly and she has been very healthy. She said one of the differences she knows of is the fact that she has to eat a few more calories than a woman carrying just one baby.

Aguzzi said she and her husband have wanted children for a while and so when they found out they were having twins they were thrilled.

Aguzzi also said twins don't run on either side of their families.

"We were really excited, we've tried to get pregnant for a long time and so when we found out it was two we were thrilled. We went in very early, about 5 or 6 weeks, and they said 'oh here's your baby's heartbeat' and then they said 'oh here's your other baby's heartbeat!' We were both really excited and feel really blessed," she said.

Aguzzi said she is almost finished with her nursery and has had many friends help her with getting supplies to be prepared for when the babies arrive.

"Friends have been so wonderful and people have offered clothes their children have outgrown. I've also talked to the mothers in this class and asked them about some good tips as far as finding out what bottles to use and feeding schedules but we really won't know until they get here. I don't know if I am prepared but I'm definitely trying to be," she said.

Aguzzi said she and her husband have already picked out names and they are Grace Marie Aguzzi, taking both her and her sister's middle names and calling her Grace, and Victor Julius Aguzzi IV and calling him Vic.

Baby Vic is named after a his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather and what makes his name even more special is that he will be the fourth Aguzzi to live in their house build by Victor Julius Aguzzi.

Aguzzi said one of the things she enjoys the most about her pregnancy is that she gets ultrasounds at every doctor's visit.

"It's fun when you go to the doctor because you always have to get an ultrasound to tell the heart tones and in a single pregnancy you don't have ultrasounds as often. It's fun to get to see them grow," she explained.

She added she is just now starting to feel the babies move strongly and that she feels very blessed and happy.

From 1980 to 2009, according to a report by the National Center for Health Statistics, the rate of twin births rose 76 percent. Now about one in 30 babies born in the United States is a twin.

In 2009, American women had 137,217 babies born as twins, 5,905 as triplets, 355 as quadruplets, and 80 in births of five or more.