Photographer hopes to connect community
by Courtney Warren
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With the art scene growing and thriving in Cleveland and the Mississippi Delta, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with ideas that aren't overdone.

However, Lindsay Marter was recently inspired to create a project titled, "365."

Marter is a graduate of Delta State University with an art degree and worked on The Delta Statement while attending school. She has been working as a photographer for the past four years and also worked at Wiljax Gallery in downtown Cleveland.

Marter said she has loved photography since she was young.

"I've been interested in art since I was little. Art museums were always a favorite of mine and I knew I wanted to be involved in it somehow. It just took most of my childhood to figure out which medium was the one I felt most drawn to. Photography has become my voice," she explained.

During her time at Delta State, Marter worked long nights to complete photography projects and was pushed to her creative limits.

Her former advisor and art professor Kim Rushing had positive things to say about his former student.

"Mollie and I have known Lindsay for almost five years as a student and a friend. I mention Mollie, my wife, because the three of us often joke that we are Lindsay's second parents. Lindsay has a level of maturity beyond her years that makes it easy for me to relate to. I have always thought of her as a problem solver with a high level of intelligence. I'm excited to hear about this project she has made for herself. She is a great photographer and she is very good at dealing with other people. She is a gifted artist and a natural leader. I just hope I get to see the work as it is being made and, perhaps, get the chance to work with her a bit."

When asked what inspired the project, Marter said it had a lot to do with the community around her.

"I wanted to work on a project that would include the community around me.  It's still only in the beginning phases, but I would really like to get as many different people from different backgrounds as possible involved," she said.

Marter hopes to present the portraits in a gallery once she if finished, "so everyone can come see themselves in a work they helped me create. I'm a pretty shy person, so asking complete strangers if I can take their portrait is kind of intimidating."

When thinking about what she wants to do with her photographs in the future, Marter admits that it is a scary thought. "I guess I want to bring my own perspective on things to light. I want to use my photography to bridge a relationship between the community and myself that I might have otherwise been unable to do," she said.

Marter also believes living in Cleveland gives her opportunities to grow through her art.

"Cleveland has a great art community.  All the artists are supportive of each other from what I can see.  Things like Art in the Alley and the classes at the DAA are really great because they are reaching out to younger artists, like myself, who are still trying to get a foot in the door and giving a little push."

To participate in the "365" project email Marter at and to learn more about her photography visit