Locals entertain themselves during storm
by Paisley Boston
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Mother Nature turned a cold shoulder to the Mississippi Delta for a few days this week and many children were delighted as they heard schools were closed.

While kids children were elated to spend the day at home in cozy pajamas and hopes of eventually building miniature snowmen, their parents were baffled with trying to find activities for them to do.

Shanice Mitchell of Cleveland said that she had to entertain her niece by reading and playing on the floor.

"I tried to pretty much follow directions that were given to us by public officials – we did not go anywhere for days. I basically did what I do with her everyday, I got down on the floor and played with her – at times we were also glued to the television," said Mitchell.

According to Judy Williams her primary concern was to make sure that she and her son remained warm.

She said when she was initially notified about the upcoming weather conditions, she immediately went shopping for tons of food and flashlights.

Williams said she also tried to make sure that her car windows and pipes were well insulated, but most of all she wanted her son to remain cozy during the harsh weather conditions.

"My son loves hot chocolate – I made hot chocolate for him everyday so that he could remain warm. We also watched movies and played games as we enjoyed a lot of snacks," said Williams.

Megan Cunningham of Cleveland said that she took a slightly different approach to entertaining her little ones.

"I planned many activities for my children – we did arts and crafts, and we baked cupcakes and cookies," said Cunningham.

Cunningham also said when she was notified about the upcoming weather conditions she didn’t do anything to prepare.

"I was here in 1994 when they didn’t warn us at all – normally I feel like if they warn us, then it's not going to be that bad," she added.

Anthony Hogan of Cleveland said like Cunningham, he did not prepare for the wintery mix.

"I didn't do anything, I just remained in the house because it was ice on the road and I could not drive," added Hogan.

Although some citizens did not prepare Canelda Hodges of Cleveland said she is always prepared for any and all types of weather but she did have to provide entertainment for her grandchild.

"We sat around and watched movies. We also went over her spelling words because even though school was out I knew she was still going to have a spelling test on Friday," added Hodges.

Like Hodges Jesse Hutchinson of Cleveland said he tries to remain ready and alert during inclement and calm weather conditions.

"I went out to get a few essentials and then I just sat back and got ready to set it all out," added Hutchinson as he slightly smiled.

Nikki Harrison of Cleveland said she was not fortunate enough to sit back on the recliner and enjoy a few episodes of Good Times; she was required to report to work.

"I had to come to work and put down a lot of salt. I work at a convenient store so we had to come to work but I did make sure that I had a lot of groceries at home," said Harrison.

Though most citizens had different ways of copping with the icy weather conditions, a sufficient amount of food and heat were the most important elements.