County to aid Shelby in cleaning up
by Paisley Boston
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In Monday's Bolivar County Board of Supervisors meeting, Shelby Mayor Dan Harris presented a request for members of the board to aid in the removal of debris.

According to Harris, in a previous board meeting, members of the board agreed to aid in the removal of debris during the citywide cleanup but the county has not made any efforts to remove the debris.

"We have done extensive work in Shelby and now we are at the point where it is time to have the rubbish picked up. We have fallen behind in our project because we need some of this rubbish removed before we can go any further," said Harris.

"In this project, we have torn down some structures. Some of the structures that contain burned parts have been separated and are waiting to be picked up," he added.

After much debate about the issue, Supervisor Donny Whitten offered a solution to the ongoing matter.

"In order to be in compliance we must receive a copy of the minutes from the board of alderman meeting on a continuing basis and debris must remain in a central location in order for us to authorize removal," said Whitten.

Harris was pleased with the solution and agreed to these terms and assured members of the board that the city's minutes will be submitted after each meeting.

"Any problem that comes before the board is going to be addressed," said Billings.

County Engineer Bob Eley presented his report and gave an update some ongoing projects.

At the request of Billings, Eley announced that he has added South Street in Mound Bayou to the SAFETEA–LU project.

He also announced that all of the ongoing sewer projects are set to conclude by March 22.

Eley said that the county recently hired a bridged inspection crew — he gave an update on a recent survey that was done on bridges throughout the county.

"There are a couple of bridges that are in pretty critical condition — especially a few near Merigold," said Eley.

According to Eley, bridge inspectors were hired to do an assessment of the bridges throughout the county.

The inspectors suggested lowering the weight limit of a few bridges near Merigold to 6,000 pounds.

According to Eley if the county fails to adhere to lowering the weight limit, the bridges would become inoperable within a year.

"Our best shot at keeping the bridges open is to patch them up and take heed to the suggestions outlined by the bridge crew," he continued.

He also announced that the parking lot plans for the Amzie Moore house are currently underway and should be finalized by Wednesday.

After Eley made his presentation, Billings requested the attention of board to address an issue about flooding.

"On several occasions I have been contacted by constituents about their homes being flooded on Highway 32," said Billings.

"This is a state highway and something should be done about it. This is an outstanding situation and I am in a position where I really need some assistance. We all took an oath to support the citizens in Bolivar County in any way form o fashion. We are losing property and land because of this flooding issue," continued Billings.

Billings said that he would like for Eley to contact the state engineer to seek methods of remedy for the flooding issue.

Eley agreed but Supervisor James McBride also suggested contacting the landowner and trying to encourage them to build a levee, which would prevent water from flowing from the highway into homes.

Billings said that he has presented this matter to the board on many occasions and it is time for someone to take charge and adhere to the needs of the citizens.

After much debate over bridges, sewer projects and flooding issues members of the board went into executive session with Attorney Linda Coleman and Ellis Turnage – each had different executive session items.

Coleman reserved an executive session to discuss possible litigation but Turnage discussed voting districts – no action was taken for either item.