Letter to the Editor from Jethro Henderson
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Dear Editor:

Enough is Enough!!

Our cities face historic crimes. We must come together. We are at war in our on cities with crime.

With respect the Attorney General office of Mississippi Opinion no. 20007-00068 opined that, pursuant to Mississippi Code Annotated Section 21-21-3 a municipality has a statutory duty to provide sufficient police protection for the municipality .MS AG Op., Tyner (May 9, 2003):MS AG Op., Fleuriet (November 15, 1996). It was the opinion of the AG office that the manner in which a municipality complies with its statutory duty is a determination to be made by the municipality.

Pursuant to Section 21-21-1 et seq., a municipality has the authority and the statutory duty to employ, regulate and support a sufficient police force in an effort to provide sufficient police protection for the municipality and to define the duties of the police officers. The chief of police or town marshal is the chief law enforcement officer of the municipality and that role is necessary to the municipality's satisfaction of its statutory duty. If a municipality does not have a police chief or town marshal, the municipal governing authority should appoint one. Op. Atty. Gen. No 2007-00069, Mclain, March 2,2007, 2007 WL. 1229221.

Enough is Enough!! Our cities need help as crime is at the peak.


Jethro Henderson

Cleveland Miss.