Local teams moving up MCC standings
by Andy Collier
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Bernard Williams / Magnolia Crappie Club
The Cleveland fishing team of Steve Marquis (left) and Troy Garrett is currently 18th in the Magnolia Crappie Club points standings.
Bernard Williams / Magnolia Crappie Club The Cleveland fishing team of Steve Marquis (left) and Troy Garrett is currently 18th in the Magnolia Crappie Club points standings.
With four fishing tournaments left before the state championship in June, two local fishing teams are moving up in the Magnolia Crappie Club points standings.

The Cleveland team of Chris Horton and Kevin Horton is currently ranked 12th in the standings with 87.33 points which is three spots higher than the 15th position the team held in November, while the Cleveland team of Troy Garrett and Steve Marquis is currently ranked 18th with 80. 23 points, which is four spots higher than the No. 22 position the team held two months ago.

In the Magnolia Crappie Club Chotard Tournament at Eagle Lake on Saturday, Chris and Kevin caught six fish for a total weight of 6.87 points to finish 10th with 16.87 points, while Garrett and Marquis caught two fish for a total weight of 2.88 pounds to finish 24th with 12.88 points. The tournament marked the second top 10 finish for Chris and Kevin this season in MCC events. The best showing the Horton brothers have had in an event thus far came on Nov. 16 when the duo finished second with 22.99 points in MCC Sardis Lake Tournament. Chris and Kevin finished 18th and 30th respectively in their first two tournaments of the year but have improved since.

“This first tournament had just bad conditions,” Chris said. “The second tournament we didn’t do our homework like we should have, but we’re coming around. It was tough fishing this weekend, but we still finished 10th catching just six fish. We did some pre-fishing this past weekend, and I only caught three fish the day before. Where I caught the fish Friday, we went to the same spot on Saturday and the water was 38-feet deep. There were only seven teams in that tournament that caught seven fish.”

In the MCC Chotard/Eagle Lake Tournament Dec. 17 at Eagle Lake, the team Cleveland teams were neck and neck as Chris and Kevin caught seven fish for a total weight of 11.85 pounds to finish 11th with 21.85 points, while Garrett and Marquis caught seven fish for a total weight of 11.75 pounds to finish 12th with 21.75 points.

The 12th place finish for Garrett and Marquis is the best the team has placed in a MCC event thus far. Since finishing 30th in their first MCC tournament of the season at Grenada Lake in September, Garrett and Marquis have done considerably better in most all of their recent tournaments as the team has finished in the top 15 twice this season.

Garrett said a little luck has played a key role into he and Marquis moving up the points standings as a team.

“The fish have been biting,” Garrett said. “We’ve been catching some bigger fish. We’ve been lucky and caught some good fish.”

Another local team that is ranked in the MCC points standings is Rusty Burroughs and Allen “Torch” Tindle, who are ranked 43rd in the standings with 33.23 points. Burroughs and Tindle won the MCC Sardis Lake Tournament in November.

The next fishing tournament on the Magnolia Crappie Club schedule will be on Feb. 22 at Lake Washington in Greenville.

Magnolia Crappie Club

Team Tournament Results

1/11/2014 Chotard

Rk Team Points

1 J. Aldridge/ C. Egbert 22.00

2 C. Lindsay/ C. Lindsay Jr. 21.29

3 D. McWilliams/R. Niven 21.06

4 R. Rogers/P. Jeffcoats 20.18

5 R. Sanders/ W. Tyer 19.66

6 T. Moss/J. Calhoun 19.62

7 J. Harrison- 18.93

8 S. Culpepper/ D. Thornton 18.92

9 M. Porter/J. Fooshee 16.99

10 C. Horton/K. Horton 16.87

11 M. Nowell/ P.Nowell 16.60

12 J. Smith/ R. Smith 15.39

13 C. Starnes/M. Collier 14.84

14 K. Middleton/L. Nipper 14.77

15 P. Voncill/D. Abernathy 14.37

16 R. Wade/N. Wade 14.35

17 K. Holmes/ D. Prayton 14.24

18 R. Womack/K. Womack 14.14

19 D. Ferguson/ C. Smith 14.11

20 M. Evans/J. Saxton 13.67

T21 T. Stewart/T. Stewart 13.52

T21 B. Williams/ D. Terry 13.52

23 J. Walker 13.26

24 T. Garrett/S. Marquis 12.88

25 V. Finkley/K. Gray 12.85

Several tied with 10.00

Magnolia Crappie Club Points Standings

Rk Team Points

1 K. Driscoll/J. Harrison 98.48

2 R. Rogers/P. Jeffcoats 97.40

3 J. Aldridge/ C. Egbert 97.16

4 D. McWilliams/R. Niven 94.87

5 T. Scherer/D. Abernathy 91.61

6 T. Moss/J. Calhoun 90.83

7 R. Womack/K. Womack 90.47

8 S. Culpepper/ D. Thornton 89.82

9 C. Lindsay/ C. Lindsay Jr. 89.68

10 R. Sanders/ W. Tyer 88.78

11 J. Smith/ R. Smith 87.39

12 C. Horton/K. Horton 87.33

13 D. Ferguson/ C. Smith 86.10

14 V. Finkley/K. Gray 85.94

15 T. Stewart/T. Stewart 85.03

16 C. Starnes/M. Collier 82.81

17 B. Williams/ D. Terry 80.86

18 T. Garrett/S. Marquis 80.23

19 J. Carr/J. Gross 80.22

20 M. Nowell/ P.Nowell 79.67

21 R. Wade/N. Wade 78.72

22 B. Chappell/B. Hudson 77.31

23 B. Taylor/M. Taylor 76.74

24 J. Walker/ J.Sauerswein 75.94

25 K. Middleton/L. Nipper 74.98

26 E. Oswalt/L. Grice/J. Roberson 69.24

27 M. Evans/J. Saxton 67.51

28 K. Holmes/ D. Prayton 65.00

29 P. Johnson / G Woodis 63.89

30 M. Porter/J. Fooshee 63.24

31 M. Blount/K. Sullivan 57.97

32 B. Fulgham/ P. Stone 50.00

33 R. Bouchillion/J. Lowery 46.21

34 G. Ladner/M. Bilbo 44.94

35 R. Clary/ P.Kirk 44.16

36 J. Ward/C. Hartman 43.42

37 C. Criswell/J. Nichols 42.19

38 D. Collins / C. Epps 41.00

39 H. Krutz-S. Stevenson 39.90

40 C. Patterson/ J. Ford 37.85

41 S. Steen/ S. Steen 37.09

42 B. Burnett/C. Mullins 35.18

43 T. Tindle/R. Burroughs 33.23

44 C. Koestler/ G. Grey 26.30

45 J. Carpenter/T. Carpenter 24.72

46 D. Nichols/ A. Nichols 20.00

47 S. White/ D. White 15.17

48 P. Alper/M. Vallentine 12.00

49 C. Matthiesen/ J. Crigger 11.58

Several tied at 10.00