Shelby mayor works for good first impression
by Paisley Boston
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Shelby Mayor Dan Harris is big on first impressions and he believes that 2014 is going to be a great year for his town.

According to Harris one of the largest projects that the town of Shelby plans to continue is its town wide cleanup.

"First impressions are lasting. When you visit a person's home, if it is filthy and cluttered, then that is basically all you remember and you may even label that individual a certain way," said Harris.

"This is a very good project to help cleanup our city and we plan to have many more projects that will aid in the beautification of Shelby," he added.

As part of that project, Harris said that the town of Shelby is identifying areas that are basically available for purchase and building.

"We are trying to enable our visitors and potential residents to see that the town of Shelby has many viable assets," said Harris.

"We have a large number of visitors that come in to view the Blues Trail markers and I am working earnestly to ensure that visitors have a pleasurable experience," he added.

According to Harris, the townwide cleanup has been going on for a while but he is certain that the results will be gratifying.

"Overall the cleanup project is going to help the entire town of Shelby. It is a time consuming thing — it definitely does not happen over night but the results are rewarding. It is a much needed thing because some areas have standing water and we want to try to eliminate those issues before summer," he said.

Harris said that he believes the cleanup is important because some people do not and have not disposed of rubbish properly, which has led to an influx of debris on the side of roads and in the front of houses.

"Over the coarse of time unwanted items accumulate and people have things that they need to get rid of that fits in the category of rubbish. Although we try to collect rubbish on a regular basis, a lot of citizens are putting the rubbish out even when its not their week for pickup, and this causes the rubbish to remain on the streets and outside of their homes for a long period of time, because we only service certain areas once a week," he added.

He offered an analogy to describe the significance of the project, "It’s like going to an apple tree — it is easy to pick the fruit that is directly in front of you.

“From a cleanup perspective, it is easy to cleanup your surroundings and by doing so, you could spark another person's initiative to do the same. It is kind of like the domino effect," Harris said.

He is highly confident in the town's ability to grow and prosper; he said that his New Year's resolution for Shelby is to produce new structures that will aid in the town's economic conditions.

"After the cleanup is complete, people will have a chance to see the true beauty of our town," said Harris.