LOOKING AT 2014: Mayor has plans to cultivate city
by Paisley Boston
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Most people make unrealistic New Year’s but Mound Bayou Mayor Darryl Johnson is determined not to be one of these people. In fact he has already begun implementing his resolutions.

In the upcoming year, Johnson plans to expand upon the natural attributes of Mound Bayou.

"I have personally started an education campaign and that's local, county and statewide. I'm calling for the respect of our citizens, our county and our state as to who we are," said Johnson.

"We are trying to gather the support of these people and I do feel that they should respect our position in this part of the state of Mississippi," he added.

Johnson said that the town has some rich historical attributes and he plans to use those characteristics to promote growth.

"Mound Bayou is a strong contributor to the African American history. I want to educate people on our strong history and by doing so, we can go on to capitalize on the natural history in our town by promoting tourism," he said.

According to Johnson, slaves founded Mound Bayou.

"We do realize that Mound Bayou is at the feet of African American history. One of the things that I am going to do in the upcoming year is to get that message out so that other African Americans in the country will know who we are and where we come from," said Johnson.

In a previous interview Johnson said, "I feel like history has been told in the United States minus Black History and I just felt like it was really time for the real history of black America to be told. It has been hidden for far to long. We dwell in a place that has some of the richest history in black America and its recognition is long over due. I am just proud to know that there are people in position now to tell our story," said Johnson.

"I often say that if anyone needs to tell it, we should tell it. I am very elated to be apart of the story being told," he added

Johnson said that Mound Bayou was never defined by its municipal incorporate limits because it has and always will look past its incorporated limits.

"We are looking forward to building the community into a tourist attraction. We are also looking forward to bringing the people of Mound Bayou together," said Johnson.

"The cultivation of my community is very important to me and I will work earnestly to help Mound Bayou become economically sound. I want state and local officials to realize that we are here," he added.

Johnson said that he is looking forward to a productive year and he plans to closely align his plans for the town with the teachings of Christ in mind and in the words of a former president.

"I am looking forward to four years that will be absolutely productive and will place Mound Bayou on track to be what President Theodore Roosevelt said in his sight and prophetic words of Mound Bayou. He said that this is the jewel of the Delta and in the words of Jesus, 'It is a city, set up on a hill that cannot be heeled,'" said Johnson.