Worst gifts bring giggles
by Courtney Warren
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The wrapping is on the floor, the gift is in your hand and your relative (probably an in-law) is staring at you waiting for a reaction.

You attempt to curve your mouth into a smile and show appreciation.

They sought out this gift, money was spent, effort was made — wrapping alone is a difficult task.

But why on earth have I just been handed a talking teddy bear complete with top hat and cane?

Or, what on earth am I supposed to do with eight pounds of cheese when I'm lactose intolerant?

There are some great Christmas gifts out there and then there are some gifts that are so terrible they are put into the pile to become a "dirty Santa" gift for next year.

"The worst gift was an argyle sweater I got about three years ago. All of those colors were not me at all. I gave it to a guy that was working in my yard," said Cleveland Mayor Billy Nowell.

"The worst gift I've ever received was a short sleeve zip up sweater. It was cream colored and had huge flowers on it. Those flowers lit up when you pushed a button," said Lindsay Marter of Cleveland.

"A short sleeve sweater. I would need a sweater for my sweater. God love my Aunt Milly," she added.

There are many different lists of the worst Christmas gifts, which include beer candles, a pet petter, a snuggie, and a steak branding iron.

While the reason for the season is the act of love and giving rather than the actual gift, one can't help but giggle at some of the ridiculous items found under the tree on Christmas morning.

It’s quite possible that a fibre-optic holiday sweater takes the cake.