Delta racks up in wrecks
by Courtney Warren
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The holiday totals for collisions, DUIs, and arrests have been released by the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

Troop D, which encompasses the Delta, including Bolivar County, issued two DUIs and made one drug arrest.

Troop D also had 222 hazard tickets, which range from speeding tickets to reckless driving, and 130 non-hazard tickets, which range from not having a driver's license to not having insurance.

Troop D had a total of 365 tickets including 10 seatbelt violations for the Troop D District.

Troop D also had a total of 25 collisions with two of them being alcohol related and two fatalities.

These numbers made the Delta the highest collision area in the state.

When asked why Troop D had the highest amount of collisions in the state, Trooper Tony Dunn said, "Many of our roads in our district are two lanes in rural counties such as Carroll or Holmes.  Sixty-five percent of the accidents we work over the holiday period were related to deer incidents.

"Injuries were at a minimum with the deer incidents but property damage of the persons vehicles were at high figure."

Dunn believes that these types of collisions are unavoidable because the animals are so unpredictable.

"Once a deer gets spooked there is no telling where it will go and most of the time it's where it can see where the light is. The best thing in that situation is do not try to avoid the deer just hit it. Avoiding it will most of the time cause the accident to be worse," said Dunn.

"As for the other accidents people need to pay more attention as they drive their vehicle. Watch out for the other driver; don't use your cellphone while your driving. Pull over if you need to use it.

"Don't be distracted by eating, drinking, using your phone, changing your radio or anything that will take your attention from your driving focus.  

"Just be safe! You and your passengers are the most important thing inside that vehicle while you're in it," said Dunn.