Fire equipment sought in Mound Bayou
by Paisley Boston
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Mound Bayou Fire Chief Edgar Glover is seeking help from the citizens of Bolivar County.

According to Glover, Mound Bayou currently has around 18 to 22 volunteer firefighters but only half of them have the proper equipment needed to properly extinguish fires.

"We are reaching out to our local municipalities to aid in funding the fire department. We are looking into several grants. We have more volunteers now than we have had in the past. We want to get them outfitted and trained — all of this requires money," said Glover.

He said that the department has been receiving equipment donations from local fire departments and funds from municipalities but they don’t have enough money to have a properly functioning fire team.

"The volunteers don’t get paid for what they do but I feel that they should at least be well equipped. They respond quickly whenever there is a fire but most of them are not able to help because we have a limited amount of equipment," added Glover.

Glover said that some of the funding comes from fire rebate insurance.

According to Mississippi Code 83-1-39, insurance rebate money is used and can be used for fire protection purposes in each county for the following categories: training expenses; purchase of equipment, purchase of fire trucks, repair and refurbishing of fire trucks and fire fighting equipment, and capital construction anywhere in the county or pledging as security for a period of not more than 10 years for such purchased and purchase of insurance on county-owned fire fighting equipment.

Fire rebate money may also be used for fire protection service contracts, including, but not limited to, municipalities, legal fire protection districts, and nonprofit corporations providing or coordinating fire service in or out of the county.

Any funding given to the fire department can be used for training of any county personnel as needed for the adoption of and compliance with the codes established and promulgated by the Mississippi Building Codes Council or for windstorm mitigation programs as approved by the Commissioner of Insurance.

The average fireman wears at least $4,000 worth of equipment.

Glover said it is important for a fire department to have working hydrants, which are upright water pipes to which a fire hose is attached.

Being able to quickly locate a working hydrant greatly increases firefighters response time.

Glover said that in the past, the Mound Bayou Fire Department faced deficits due to inoperable fire hydrants and he tried to mark the inoperable hydrants by using black spray paint.

"There was an incident when volunteers responded to a fire and while extinguishing the fire, they ran out of water. You have to put the wet stuff on the hot stuff in order to put out a fire. If you don’t have the wet stuff, you are going to be in trouble," he added.

Glover said that Mound Bayou is currently in the process of assessing fire hydrants to ensure that they are fully operable in the case of an emergency.

"Although the mayor has been in office for a short time, he has been very helpful with assisting the fire department. I truly appreciate all that he has done," he added.

Glover also said that Cleveland has the best volunteer fire department and he tries to pattern his department based on Cleveland.

"Cleveland has the best volunteer fire department and a fire rating of five."

The Mississippi Fire Ratings go from one to 10, one being the best.

Volunteer Fire Departments are usually ranked at the lower end of the spectrum so receiving the five rating was a huge success for the Cleveland Volunteer Fire Department.

This high rating is one unsurpassed by any other volunteer fire department in the state.

"When you pattern yourself after successful people then more then likely, you will also become successful," said Glover.