Relaxation method transforms into creative outlet
by Haley Ferretti
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When Chelsea Hall’s parents gave her a box full of old arrowheads and deer horns, they never imagined that with it their daughter would make the popular, new jewelry line, “Mississippi Wandering.”

For the past month, the 22-year-old Cleveland native has been hard at work making new pieces for the line ever since she posted a picture of her creations on her Facebook page.

“It’s been like a wildfire and I stay busy,” said Hall. “I posted a picture of it on Facebook and people became really interested. People I didn’t even know began contacting me about it just from seeing other people’s likes, comments, and shares of the photos. Mainly people have been contacting me with requests.”

Hall said that she never expected an entire line to come from something that she began doing just for herself.

“It actually started as a way to meditate, as a way for me to relax,” explained Hall. “I’ve always been drawn to things that look natural and things that represent where I’m from. “

Hall said that the name of the line, which features arrowheads, deer horns, rocks, and stones, was inspired by a line from the poem “All that is gold does not glitter” by J.R.R. Tolkien, which she uses as her life motto.

“One of my favorite quotes is ‘Not all those who wander are lost,’” said Hall. “I feel like in life you have to have that spirit about you, you need to always be looking for something new and exciting. I believe you should always keep wandering through life, finding treasures in what’s simple, keeping the spirit of adventure alive. “

Hall explained that this philosophy not only inspired the name of the jewelry line, but the jewelry itself and the way she tries to live her life.

“Honestly, growing up in the Delta, there wasn’t much to see,” said Hall. “I had to go out and find beauty in what was around me, which means everything from the fields to rocks and bird eggs. I learned to appreciate those things. With my jewelry, I wanted to capture the natural beauty that Mississippi has.”

Hall makes all jewelry designs, but she also makes custom-made pieces in order to include any special object that a customer already owns.

Hall also indicated that a few businesses are interested in featuring her jewelry in their stores, which makes her hopeful in her current endeavor as a jewelry designer. However, no matter where this new adventure leads her, Hall said she wants the jewelry to remain true to its roots.

“Whether it stays just a person-to-person business or it goes on to be sold in stores, I want it to stay authentic,” said Hall. “I never want it to be that I’m making it just to sell it. I always want it to be a way not only for me to express myself but a way for others to express themselves.

“It represents not only who I am, but who Mississippians are,” said Hall. “It makes you feel more connected to who you are. It’s a way of expressing your roots.”

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