Big Christmas memories
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Watching children during the Christmas season is very entertaining. They are so excited and full of joy, and especially full of themselves. I see their faces light up when they see lights and brightly decorated Christmas trees.

I have great Christmas memories but one in particular bounces around in my mind. I don’t remember how old I was, elementary age probably. This memory is the most “Christmasy” memory a little girl could have.

I was wearing a red Christmas nightgown that was trimmed in white lace. It was my new nightgown that my sweet Aunt Rosa Montesi had given me for Christmas. Mama always let us open her gift on Christmas Eve so we could wear them to bed that night. She wanted us to look cute for our Christmas morning pictures.

My eyes were droopy and crusted with a “sleep.” My hair was messy but still in the barrettes that Mama had put in my hair the night before when we got ready for Midnight Mass. The floor was cold against my little feet. I tiptoed through the house from my bed. When I reached the living room door, I looked around to see if there was anyone watching me. I slowly opened that door and there was the most glorious scene.

The warm glow of light from the Christmas tree filled the slightly darkened room. On the velvet green chair was a silver sequined tiara. It sparkled like diamonds in the sunshine. Right beside it was a long white princess skirt made of netting. As I got closer there was even a silver sequined magic wand. It shimmered in the light too. I thought to myself that it had to really be magic since Santa had brought it all the way from the North Pole.

There seemed to be a sea of toys. Mine bled into my little sister’s. I think that was the same Christmas Tara got her Baby Beans baby doll. That doll went on to be very loved. She ended up going from a bright yellow to a dingy yellow with a smudged face. But it was one of her childhood prized toys and Santa brought it to her.

Among all those toys was a crisp new red cowgirl hat and matching boots. I would be the best looking cowgirl in the neighborhood. I think there was even a vest to wear too!

The needlepoint stockings were overflowing with trinkets and candy. It was great fun to see what treasures we would find. There was always our silver jingle bell ornament that Santa brought every year. He still brings them to my sister and I even though we are quite grown.

Now that I had seen all the magical stuff Santa brought just for me, I remember sitting on that cold floor looking at the room. It was like a scene out of a movie. I just couldn’t believe it. I can still see it in my middle-aged mind. It’s a memory that seems to be burned into my brain.

Minutes went by and I decided I better get out of there so I wouldn’t get into trouble. So I tiptoed out and ran to Mama’s room and woke her and my stepfather. From there we all got Tara up. We ran to the living room to see what Santa had brought. Everyone was so very excited. I played the part well. Not letting anyone know I had been there minutes before. I had already seen the love that was left for my family. We had a great morning that day. Everyone was happy, laughing and smiling. If Mama had just paid close attention she might have figured out that I had already been in that room. Behind my smile and the twinkle in my eyes, she could have seen I had already had my BIG Christmas moment.

I hope that you have had a big Christmas moment. But if you haven’t, I have faith that it is coming. They come in all shapes and sizes. That was my big childhood Christmas memory. There were many others, in fact; my big adult memory was when my husband proposed to me on Christmas Eve. It was a wonderful moment too, but that is a whole other story.

Caroline Laster is an employee of The Bolivar Commercial.