Artist to exhibit ‘One Man Show’
by Haley Ferretti
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“I'm often asked what inspires me to paint what I paint. I am amazed at God's handy work. When we realize the wonder and beauty around us, I can't imagine ever not being inspired,” exclaimed Hayden Hall as he talked about the inspiration for his latest art exhibit “One Man Show.”

The exhibit will be displayed throughout December with an opening reception in which everyone interested is invited from 6-8 p.m. Thursday at The Warehouse in Cleveland.

The majority of the work that Hall selected for the exhibit was painted with oils with some under painting done in acrylic.

Hall explained that the work that will be on display has a realist approach.

“I love to paint the beauty of God’s creation,” said Hall.

Elaborating on his fascination with realism, Hall also explained that unlike many artists, he tries to stay away from giving his work any sort of specific theme due to his partiality to painting what is in nature.

“I'm not sure my work has ever had a specific theme,” said Hall. “Good or bad, I believe that makes me different from many artists. I don't want to be defined or limited to a particular subject, as the subjects in nature are limitless.”

Many of the subjects found in Hall’s artwork are subjects that can be found in the Mississippi Delta, particularly animals and landscapes.

Hall said that both the Delta and the Mississippi Gulf Coast has deeply influenced his work. He also talked about his belief that artists must also influence the environment around them.

“The Delta has indeed influenced a lot of artists,” said Hall, “but the question is often asked, ‘Do artists have an influence on the culture in the Delta?’ There is an expression that has been around for centuries: ‘As art goes so goes the civilization.’ If that is indeed true, I believe Christians, and those that have the ability to communicate through their art, have a responsibility to do just that.”

Hall summarized his hopes for his own future as an artist as something in which he leaves entirely up to God, as he believes that it is his faith that has led his artistic journey throughout life.

“My life has been a great preparation for my art,” explained Hall. “In all that I have encountered, God has been faithful to be there — teaching, forgiving, restoring, and directing me to continue in my quest to be more of what He has called me to be. Hopefully becoming a better artist is a part of that!”

Hall also took a moment to pass along some of the same advice that was given to him as a young artist to the newest generation of artists.

“I believe no one becomes an artist,” said Hall. “Many of my students have told me they want to become an artist. At an early age I told my dear friend and mentor, the late Marshall Bouldin, how badly I wanted to be an artist. He said ‘Hayden, you are not an artist because you paint. You paint because you are an artist.’

“The advice I give young artists is both temporary and eternal,” said Hall. “Art is who you are, who you represent, much more than what you do. Find out why you are here — your divine purpose — then express that as your work grows, changes, and evolves.“