Help on hand to sight rifles
by Courtney Stevens
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With hunting season just around the corner, the Bolivar County Sheriff's Department and the Cleveland Police Department will be assisting residents in sighting their rifles.

"A lot of people take advantage of this and we are so glad," said Chief Deputy Michael Lamb.

On Nov. 4-8 and Nov. 18-22 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., firearm instructors from both departments will be assisting the public in sighting their rifles.

"The public is able to bring their rifle and they more or less just help them sight it in. They have a place to shoot it to make sure the rifle is on for deer season," said Lamb.

In order to sight a rifle, especially a rifle with a scope, the user needs to have knowledge about the firearm.

"The ones that have scopes on them are precise, you have to know what you're doing. That's why we use our fire instructors because they are certified through the state to do things of that nature. It's not hard to learn how to do and in the past the firearm instructors for both departments show the people how to do it also," said Lamb.

In order to sight the rifle, gunman shoot the gun then move the sights or adjust the scope until the bullet strikes the target exactly where the gunman aims.

While there is no limit to the amount of rifles a person can bring to sight, the CPD and BCSD ask that people take into consideration the amount of people that come to the event.

"It's a real public relation deal that we try to put on for the public to be able to have a place to come shoot their rifle. They can actually shoot their own rifle and sight it in and if they need assistance from us we're there to help," said Lamb.

The first week of sighting will be focused primarily towards sighting youth rifles because youth season opens up first.

The next week will be more of adults to bring their rifles out.

For more information on this event contact the sheriff's department.