Shelby citizens to clean up
by Paisley Boston
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Shelby will be cleaning up its act on next week in a citywide cleanup.

According to Road Manager James Pritchett, the citizens of Shelby are to place unwanted items in front of their homes, near the streets.

"This is a very good project to help cleanup our city and we plan to have many more projects that will aid in the beautification of Shelby," said Mayor Dan Harris.

According to Pritchett, the citizens usually place rubbish on the sides of the road and city employees go around the city with a backhoe and haul it to the landfill in Boyle.

Residents are allowed to dispose of items such as wood/shavings, demolition trash, asphalt, tree limbs, appliances, plastic, rubber, metals, concrete, cardboard, stumps, glass, roofing material, construction trash, stone, vegetation, leaves, mattress/box springs, crockery and shingles.

"It has to be things that we can put in the landfill. We can also pickup tires but we have to pick them up separately. Citizens must leave tires separate from other rubbish," added Pritchett. "We have to dispose of tires in a different facility."

Residents are not allowed to place certain items on the side of the street for pick up such as household garbage, paint, aerosol can, incinerator ash, contaminated soils, key boards, office machines, cellular phones, video players, fuel containers, food/drink wastes, paint buckets, oil containers, computers, televisions, fax machines, video game consoles, video recorders, industrial wastes, liquids, five gallon buckets, wood ash, sludge, computer equipment, copy machines, PDA's, stereo equipment, electronic wastes and any other material deemed unacceptable by the site operator.

"Basically anything that contains a chemical or once contained a chemical will not be picked up, those items might be flammable or hazardous to the environment," added Pritchett.

According to Harris, this is the first time that the city will conduct a fall clean up.

"We try to assist the citizens in the cleanup process. We usually do a spring cleanup.

"Over the coarse of time unwanted items accumulate, and people have things that they need to get rid of that fits in the category of rubbish. Household garbage is not allowed. What we're going to do is come through and help them cleanup their areas," said Harris. "Although we try to collect rubbish on a regular basis, a lot of citizens are putting the rubbish out even when its not their week for pickup, and this causes the rubbish to remain on the streets and outside of their homes for a long period of time, because we only service certain areas once a week."

Harris said officials are trying to cleanup the city as a whole, including removing dilapidated property.

"We have to go through a process of declaring the properties as a nuisance, and we notify the property owners. Once we have a hearing on the property and the owner does not appear the city can pretty can pretty much go in and clean it up and then we charge it back to the property owners," added Harris.

For more information about the cleanup and the schedule, please contact Harris at 662-398-5156.