Letter fo the Editor Sept. 20, 2013
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To the Editor:

When Ordinary turns into Extraordinary!

The United Way of Bolivar County is once again launching into another year of fundraising. While some could regard this as an ordinary occurrence, I want to tell everyone that the Mission of the United Way is anything but ho-hum! In fact, the work done year after year by the Staff of the United Way, and the help resulting from that work is extraordinary. We at the Community Counseling Center of Cleveland and Greenville will heartily attest to this. Annually, we hold well over 1,000 counseling sessions for families, couples and individuals of all ages. Those numbers continue to grow as the stressors of uncertain times – financial and otherwise, increase. In fortunate circumstances, insurance or EAP services are available to pay for counseling, but the United way helps the family or individual who is left to pay for counseling on their own, when resources may be scarce. Thanks to the help of The United Way, rather than add stress by having to charge the full fee or worse, turn people away, we are able to apply a sliding scale fee which is based on the person’s household income, when needed. We are only able to do this with the funding provided by the United Way Agencies of Bolivar and Washington Counties, as well as the King’s Daughters and Son’s Circle Number 2 Grant.

The net-net is: Every single donation made to the United Way is important! The money you give to the United Way of Bolivar County transforms a fairly ordinary, albeit valuable item (a check, a greenback, a pledge amount), into extraordinary avenues of assistance for people who may be just like you or someone you care about. As individuals, we are generally willing to help the folks we care about; but what if we don’t know what they need? Or perhaps the need is so private or painful, those persons are reluctant to ask us for help? Consider: Agencies of the United Way are usually the ones to get those calls! So the next time you catch yourself wondering, “Why should I donate to the United Way when I already give to (fill in the blank)?”

Take a fresh look around and understand that your faith in giving to the United Way can ultimately result in extraordinary works in the lives of others. We at the Community Counseling Center want to take this opportunity to assure you of the extraordinary difference your “ordinary donations” make! We thank you and we thank the United Way of Bolivar County! Most of all we thank those folks who have come to us with the hope and confidence in our abilities to help them; which of course, could not happen without your support of the United Way!

Many thanks, on behalf of Sue Frothingham, myself, and all the wonderful folks we have met throughout 27 years of service!

Cindi Q. Lofton

Community Counseling Center

4203 Hwy 8 East

Cleveland, MS 38732

(662) 332 - 1819