Giving of yourself looks good on you
by Donell Maxie
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Me with my mother Buella who was celebrated for her giving heart and commitment to the youth of the Duncan community.
Me with my mother Buella who was celebrated for her giving heart and commitment to the youth of the Duncan community.
Today I am excited to talk about someone who means so much to me, my mom, Buella Maxie.

For years my mom has been one of the most amazing women I know and the way she gives of herself, her time, her money and her heart are some of the most incredible things I have ever seen.

It's hard growing up in a small community and having to share your mom with everyone else, but at the end of the day I realize that she is a gift from God who was put on this earth to be just who she is.

On Sept. 15th the children at the St. John MB Church along with the Duncan community have gotten together to have an appreciation program for grandma, aunt-tee or Ms. Maxie, depending on who you are. This service is to show how much they love her and value her role in this community.

For as long as I can remember she has been a driving force with young people in Duncan and surrounding communities. She babysits, she tutors, she puts on a community Easter program along with other women from the community and even with her health not as good as it once was, she still finds the time to volunteer with the young people.

When I was a kid she would gather us all at a local church and put together these elaborate Easter programs. Now days she simply gathers as many kids as she can at her house and hold practices there from her living room sofa. During the Easter season it's not uncommon to see several kids practicing their lines throughout her home.

What ever it takes she finds a way to get it done.

Her selflessness and love of God is what we all need in our hearts to be better people.

No! She is not perfect and her life has been full of mistakes, but the beautiful thing about her is that she now uses what she has been through to help other young people, especially young women and girls to become better and learn from her mistakes.

Cheryl (sister) and I are truly blessed to have such a great person to watch over our lives. The lessons we learn directly and indirectly are the reasons I am who I am today.

When we look at life we sometimes look at it through the eyes of what can I get out of this situation, but my mom seems to always look at things from, how can she benefit someone else.

Being a giver means being able to share what ever it is God has blessed you with. I believe and my mom taught us that we are blessed to be a blessing to other people.

That doesn't always mean money, but our time, our listen ears, advice and just simply being nice and helpful.

I don’t know what you are wearing today, but you should try to put on a smile. You should wear a giving attitude that is infectious and spreads throughout your house and community.

That's the example my mom set for us and that's why I am proud to call her mom, counselor and friend.

I want to encourage everyone to work to be a little better today then you were yesterday. I want to challenge everyone to give more and ask for less. I need each of us to live a life that's an example to others of how God wants us to treat one another.

Thank you mom for the lessons through your life. I celebrate you today and I celebrate every mom and dad in the world who are living great examples for their children of how to be great men and women of God.

Keep the faith and stay encouraged. M.J.T. Love.

Donell Maxie is a staff writer for The Bolivar Commercial. He can be reached at 843-4241 or e-mail him at