Guard sergeant recruits more than an individual
by Courtney Stevens
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Sgt. Brad Pickett had a table in the Delta State Student Union on Tuesday to promote the National Guard and talk to any interested individuals.
Sgt. Brad Pickett had a table in the Delta State Student Union on Tuesday to promote the National Guard and talk to any interested individuals.
"It's an extra feather in cap or extra bullet on your resume," said Sgt. Brad Pickett, Bolivar County's new National Guard recruiting officer.

Sergeant Pickett is originally from Pope, where he grew up in a military lifestyle.

"My dad was in the guard for 32 years so I've been around the National Guard all of my life," said Pickett.

After graduating from high school Pickett decided to follow in his father's footsteps and join the National Guard.

Pickett then got out of his commitment to the National Guard early and stayed out for 17 years.

It was after that time that Pickett realized he wanted to return to the guard.

"I felt it was the right things to do. I missed it a lot. I got back in and worked as a human intelligence collector," said Pickett.

Pickett then worked his way up to sergeant and is now recruiting young men and women as he promotes the National Guard throughout Cleveland.

"The unique thing about the guard is that when you're in the guard you belong to the state as well as the nation.

"Basically they are used for state emergencies also, such as Katrina, floods, tornados … Your local guard protects the community as well.

"This gives you a dual position as a soldier. You have an opportunity to serve your state as well as your country," said Pickett.

Pickett also made it clear that while they are recruiting young individuals from local schools and colleges, getting an education is still something one can accomplish while they are in the National Guard.

"You serve one weekend a month then go to two weeks annual training a year.

"We'll target all of the high schools. We'll help with ASVAB testing. We'll be involved in local community events, promoting the guard and the community as well," said Pickett.

Pickett also expressed his unique belief when it comes to the guard.

"My philosophy is we are just recruiting a man or woman to be in the service we are recruiting a family. The guard is really family oriented. If I recruit you I’m not just recruiting you I’m recruiting your significant other, your mom, your dad and your children. It's a family organization more so than any other military branch."

Pickett plans to promote the guard throughout the Cleveland and Bolivar County area, attempting to reach anyone and everyone who will listen.

"The ultimate goal is to speak to people that want to get into the guard.

"I'm willing to speak to any and all organizations — community organizations as well as civic organizations."

For more information on the National Guard and how to join, contact Pickett at 662-843-2631.