Supes look at cleaning county
by Courtney Stevens
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Cleaning up property and snakes from a ditch were top priorities for the Bolivar County Board of Supervisors Monday at their regular meeting at the Bolivar County Courthouse in Rosedale.

Supervisor Preston Billings discussed a public nuisance property in his district.

He said a building in Mound Bayou had been partially burned and was overgrown with weeds and Board Attorney Linda Coleman suggested, "you can determine if you would like to remove the weeds or demolish the property."

The board discussed leveling the property and the issue was tabled to allow Billings to gather more information and advise the property owners.

A large amount of time was spent with Robert Eley, the county engineer, discussing the East Gate subdivision and the need to clean up ditches and clear out a large number of snakes.

Since part of the ditch belongs to Cleveland, the board of supervisors planned to discuss need to clean the ditch with the city.

"Let's clean it all, there are kids out there by that school," Billings said as he expressed additional concern about snakes.

"If there is a partnership we can do both the city and the county," said Supervisor Andrew Williams.

The board made plans to allow the administration to apply for a grant as well as the attempt a partnership with the city to clean the ditch.

The board will continue to press on and clean the county's portion of the ditch.

In other business, Bolivar Medical Foundation members Mark Hargett and Jamie Jacks gave a report of the past year’s expenses.

Hargett also asked for money that originally belonged to the hospital but was controlled by the county be returned to the foundation.

"We want to make sure we do everything to make healthcare in Bolivar County as good as it can be," said Hargett.

Supervisor James McBride suggested a work session be set up at a later date.

Bolivar County Sheriff Kelvin Williams gave his report as well as the warden's report due to James Moore's recent retirement.

During William's report he presented a purchase order for a maintenance vehicle at the Bolivar County Regional Correctional Facility.

He also said he needed new dispatchers and deputies.

Williams gave an update on the continuation of current investigations and said, "we continue to encourage the citizens to assist us and we still have Crimestoppers.

“Any tips we can get we need them and we will not let them go unnoticed."

Williams reassured the board that all names of citizens calling in would remain confidential.