Election results become official
by Kevin Pearson
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City elections for mayor and alderman were held statewide Tuesday and the official results are being announced.

In Alligator, Tommy Brown ran for mayor uncontested and received 22 votes.

The elected aldermen are Jerry Mitchell, 23 votes; Ronald Fava, 28; Michelle Wallace, 24; Shewanda Butler, 22; and Robert Fava Jr., 25.

Benoit held no elections.

In Beulah, Carl Lewis was elected mayor with 71 votes, while Luscius Tucker received 55 votes for mayor.

The elected aldermen for Beulah are Ella Hannah, 76 votes; Tim McCoy, 101; Francis Turner, 81; Marvin Turner, 103; and James Walker, 105.

Boyle held no elections.

Cleveland elections were final in May with the primary election, hence no election was held this week.

In Doddsville, David Ruffin was elected mayor and ran uncontested.

The aldermen also ran uncontested and are J.T. Leflore, Charles Martin Sr., Roy V. Brown, Samuel McIntee and Lisa Bell.

In Drew, Harvey Burchfield was elected mayor with 258 votes, while Heffery Kilpatrick received 244 and John Thigpen received 44.

The aldermen-at-large elected was Hazel Harris, with 314 votes, defeating Ronnie Collins, 198.

Aldermen results are Ward One Keisha Phillips, 100 votes and unopposed; Ward Two, Sylvester Cannon, 103, defeats Jennifer Roy, 74; Ward Three, Tara Coleman, 60, wins against Gail Riddick, 47, and Katrina Perkins, 35; Ward Four, Lacy Wilson, 90 votes and unopposed.

In Duncan, Charles Harvey was elected mayor with 110 votes, while Tara Bell received 40, and Tynesia Mims received 9.

The aldermen will stay the same as the previous year with Roy Caston, John Janous, Erma C. Lee, Lynn S. McMurchy, and Shirley Reddics.

In Merigold, Andrew Westerfield was unopposed for mayor.

The aldermen were also unopposed and are Charles Miller, Johnny Thomas, Pierce Criss, William “Billy” Latham, and Ken McGarrh.

In Mound Bayou, Darryl Johnson was elected mayor with 264 votes, beating Bonita Conwell, 149, and Kennedy Johnson, 202.

The elected aldermen for Mound Bayou are Linda Collins, 317 votes; Delores Daughrity, 330; James Henry, 322; Jerry Norwood, 390; and Eulah Peterson, 358.

In Pace, Levon Jackson Sr. was elected mayor with 83 votes over Robert Leflore, Sr. with 48 votes and L. Dianne Pearce with 38 votes.

The elected aldermen for Pace are Toshisunda Brown, 110 votes; Brenda Bryant, 123; Benny Hamilton, 129; Beverly Shelly, 114; and Larry D. Walker, Sr., 151.

In Renova, Harvey L. Green ran for mayor against Jimmy L. Parker. Green won with 168 votes over Parker’s 100.

The elected aldermen for Renova are Tony G. Anderson, 174 votes; Juanita W. Green, 166; Milton Hunt, 163; Lenora Payne, 195; and Elbert G. Scott, 156.

Rosedale held no elections.

In Ruleville, Shirley Edwards beat out Rodney Frothingham for mayor with 641 votes over Frothingham’s 200.

In Shaw, Lamar Franks was elected mayor with 361 votes, while Willie Mae Johnson had 162 votes.

The elected aldermen for Shaw are Roger Dale Carter, 281 votes; Nellstacen Durrah, 224; Garry L. Griffith, 208; Sylvester Kyles, 220; and Quinton Westmorreland, 221.

In Shelby, Dan Harris Jr. was elected mayor with 310 votes, defeating Jethro Henderson, 83 votes, and Kermit Stanton, 283 votes.

The elected aldermen for Shelby are Howard Billings, 426 votes; Nathiel Boss, 356; Curtis Hooper, 372; Peggy Langarelli, 340; and Eunice Sanders, 287.

Winstonville held no elections.