Local resale/swap shop page turns into big hit
by Courtney Stevens
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Ruthie Baker-Forbes pays for an item she bought from Paula Flemmons on the Cleveland, MS Resale/Swap Shop page.
Ruthie Baker-Forbes pays for an item she bought from Paula Flemmons on the Cleveland, MS Resale/Swap Shop page.
Many Clevelanders driving past Walgreens might have noticed the amount of cars sitting on the Sonic side of the parking lot.

This is a common location for people buying, selling, and trading items they have discovered on Facebook.

The Cleveland, MS Resale/Swap Shop page on Facebook was created by Kacie Davis, mother and owner of Squiggle Stitch children's wear.

Davis said the original idea wasn’t hers and that pages had been appearing all over Facebook for north Mississippi.

"To be honest, I was a little jealous that we didn't have one for Cleveland," said Davis.

Open to people in Cleveland and the surrounding Delta, the Resale page has grown since its creation in January of this year to 2,990 members.

On this page, members can post pictures of items they wish to sell or donate, and buyers comment on the items.

The rules state that the page is not an auction page and the item goes to the first person to comment.

"I and the other administrators put a lot of work into the page," said Davis.

The page is also a forum for questions such as where yard sales will be, what items are needed for certain charities, and general questions about items that can be found in or around Cleveland.

The page includes a list of rules that must be read before participating, as well as frequently asked questions, and safety suggestions, such as meeting in well lit areas, in which the back parking lot of Walgreens is suggested.

"I never anticipated it growing like it did. I was actually worried that I wouldn't get enough people interested to keep it going," said Davis.

With new items being posted every few minutes, it is evident that the page is not having any problems in popularity.

Ruthie Baker-Forbes, member of the page said, "this site is awesome for both sellers and buyers and it can be fun!

I've met a lot of women that I wouldn't have met otherwise."

Due to the site's constant growth, Davis has enlisted the help of four other administrators, including Audra Laney.

"We have a few rules we ask users to abide by in order to keep the site running smoothly and always stress meeting in public places to keep things safe," said Laney.

These administrators help to enforce rules as well as work hard to be sure the page abides by the rules set by Facebook.

"In a time where people are stretching their dollars, this site provides local residents the opportunity to get items they need or want and also make some extra cash on items collecting dust at their houses," said Laney.

The page also has a "sister page" called Cleveland, MS Craft Shop where users can sell handmade items.

"Our sister page is giving talented individuals a great outlet for advertising their items," said Laney.

With the hard work from the administrators and the enthusiasm of its members, it is evident that this page will continue to thrive.