These boots are made for stomping out cancer
by Rory Doyle
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Team Hope's Stomp Out Cancer setup, part of Relay for Life fundraising, may make a surprise visit to your yard.
Team Hope's Stomp Out Cancer setup, part of Relay for Life fundraising, may make a surprise visit to your yard.
Last year the purple toilet named Carci Noma tormented Cleveland yards, and this year it's a pile of boots and a bunch of hot pink Carci Noma stars.

The creative attention-grabbers are Team Hope's way to spread awareness about cancer and fundraise for the annual Relay For Life Event, which takes place June 7 at the Cleveland High School track.

The name Carci Noma is a play on words for the medical term carcinoma, the most common type of cancer occurring in humans.

The team's theme this year is "Stomp Out Cancer," which is why the boots are being passed around to different Cleveland yards.

Team Hope has a specially trained recovery crew to remove the setup — but there's a price to pay.

According to team member Amy McLemore, a fee of $10 will remove the boots and Carci Noma cells from your lawn, $15 will remove everything from your lawn and transfer it to a friend of your choosing, and $20 allows you to remove it, name where it goes, plus gain insurance that that it doesn't come back to your yard.

For a fee of $25, you will have the insurance that the setup never makes it to your property in the first place.

Those who get hit are asked to call the recovery team at 662-719-6977 or 662-588-8908.

"We started out with the Carci Noma toilet last year and it was a big success," said McLemore. "This is our fist year for the Stomp Out Cancer setup because we wanted to try something a little different."

McLemore and the team started with the new arrangement at the beginning of May and have already raised about $300. The team of eight hopes to reach its goal of $2,000.

"It's been a lot of fun but it was a little difficult finding old boots," joked McLemore. "The hardest part is finding the houses to move everything to at night. We want to make sure we're moving it to the right yard."

The team typically sets everything up at night, so the next family to fall victim to the joke wakes up to find a surprise in their yard.

McLemore said Relay for Life, the largest fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, is an extremely important event each year.

She is a cancer survivor of 10 years and knows firsthand how the money raised makes a significant impact.

"This is so important because the doctors continue to find news ways of treating the different cancers," said McLemore. "It's amazing what they have done — due to donations — to change treatment protocols."

Everyone on Team Hope has a close connection to cancer as either a survivor or relative of a survivor/victim.

"We are all really close to it and you don't realize it until it becomes up close and personal for you," she added. "You never know when cancer will happen to a loved one."

Bolivar County Relay For Life continues the push to reach $80,000 in 2013, and the hard work by all teams is well underway.

This year’s theme is Rock ‘n Roll Relay — Rockin for a Cure and Rollin out Cancer.

To learn more about Bolivar County Relay For Life, visit the Facebook page at

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