'Touch of an Artist' exhibit opensv
by Rory Doyle
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A unique exhibit entitled "Touch of an Artist" opens today at 6:30 p.m. in Cleveland's Ellis Theatre.

The collection of more than 30 pieces is another attempt by the Delta Arts Alliance to provide young local artists with the opportunity of displaying their talents.

All work was done by students from Delta State University art professor Cetin Oguz's classes.

"Each drawing in this series was created collaboratively," said Oguz. "Students drew freely for three minutes and they passed their drawings clockwise for the next three-minute cycle. This process was repeated for 2 hours."

The procedure was based on the exquisite corpse technique, a method by which a collection of words, images or drawings is collectively assembled. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence.

"The concept starts with one person and then another person continues," added Oguz. "Then we end up with ideas that one person normally wouldn't have come up with by themself."

Students begin by creating a mark on the paper surface whether bold, loose, subtle or implied. Every mark created impacts or determines the next mark added by the other students.

At the end of the process the accumulation of these marks ultimately shapes and defines the space.

"We all leave a trace of ourselves wherever we go, whether subtle or bold, casual or elegant," said Oguz. "Every mark we leave behind effects the outcome of the next person or situation. So, collectively as a whole, our reality is defined over time."

Delta Arts Alliance Executive Director Jonathan Jenkins said aspiring artists deserve to make their marks in the exhibit setting as well.

"This exhibit shows the students that their work is validated by their peers and the community," said Jenkins. "We hope this helps continue to grow opportunities for local young artists."

All pieces on display will be for sale for $100, with all proceeds going to the Mary Ann Ross Memorial Fund.

This fund supplements the education of DSU students by providing assistance for travel, workshops and visiting artist programs.

Tonight's opening event will feature a live performance by the students to exemplify the exquisite corpse technique.

"We want to thank the Delta Arts Alliance for recognizing our emerging artists and young people in the community," said Oguz. "These opportunities give the artists a reason to stay here."

The gallery will be on display until Feb. 15. Contact the DAA at 662-843-3344 for more details.