Bolivar County updates emergency plans
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Bolivar County Emergency Management Agency Director Bill Quinton continues to work hard at keeping citizens safe.

Quinton announced at Monday's Bolivar County Board of Supervisors meeting that he has completed the mandated update of the county's Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan.

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency requires the update every five years to keep counties prepared for natural, technological or man-made disasters that threaten life, property or the environment.

"The comprehensive plan outlines every action we will take in the event of emergency —tornadoes, ice storms, hurricanes and flooding," said Quinton. "We put this together as our guidance on how to handle each and every situation."

The plan also utilizes the Emergency Support Function concept to apply resources and describe responsibilities of executing effective response and recovery operations.

"This deals with a number of local agencies — the health department, law enforcement, fire departments, transportation and others," said Quinton.

Quinton added that preparedness is a shared responsibility of the entire community.

He said his job as director is to organize, equip, train, and sustain the capabilities used to prevent, protect, respond and recover from disasters.

The updates took Quinton two months to put together, developing a detailed step-by-step manual of about 300 pages.

The layout, which is in accordance with all federal and state stipulations, has already received verbal approval from MEMA and requires the signature of supervisor President Andrew Williams.

Quinton said Williams' signature would be sent to MEMA as soon as possible to finalize the revisions.

Emergency management at the county level must complete the update in order to qualify for MEMA grant funding.

"Grant support from MEMA helps with our expenses and helps pay the salaries of our emergency team," said Quinton.

The overall mission of the Bolivar County Emergency Management Department is to provide leadership and support to the community for disaster preparation and relief.

Quinton acts as the leading liaison between the county and state.