Life returns to normal for delivery man
by Rory Doyle
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The Cleveland Police Department and Bolivar County Sheriff's Department responded to a pit bull attack of a pizza delivery driver just outside of city limits around 6 p.m. Friday.

Domino's employee Evan Mealer said life is back to normal after the attack and he is happy the situation didn't escalate to a higher level.

The incident occurred as he was trying to locate the proper address for a delivery order.

"We had delivered to the address in the past, so I didn't think I was in any danger when I was out there," said Mealer.

Cleveland Police Chief Charles "Buster" Bingham said one of the department's officers was locking the gates at the North Cleveland Cemetery on North Bayou Avenue when Mealer stopped and asked the officer if he could help locate the address.

"The officer was unsure of the correct location and (Mealer) went to the property just north of the cemetery to search for the location," said Bingham. "Shortly after, the officer heard growling and screaming that sounded like someone being attacked by dogs and he responded to the scene."

Bingham said three dogs attacked Mealer and the officer was forced to discharge his weapon into the ground twice to scare off the dogs.

One dog continued to attack and the officer attempted to taze the dog before it scampered off.

"It's not like these are vicious dogs," said Mealer. "The owners weren't home so they were just doing a good job of protecting their house."

The officer called an ambulance to the scene and Mealer was taken to the hospital.

"They cleaned out the wounds and gave me a tetanus shot," said Mealer. "I can still see the marks of four canine teeth in the back of my leg.

"I'm a pretty big guy so I always thought I'd be ready for this type of situation. It's a different story when a 100-pound dog comes running at you like a dump truck."

Mealer added that he was thankful for the officer's immediate support and he's glad to remain on his regular work schedule.