Supes study curb water
by Chance Wright
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During times of heavy rainfall some residents in the northern portion of Eastgate subdivision in Cleveland are plagued with standing water due to the deterioration of the curb drainage system in place in parts of the neighborhood.

On Monday, after County Engineer Bob Eley's report to the Bolivar County Board of Supervisors, the board unanimously agreed to try and find additional avenues of funding in order to take a holistic approach to relieving the problem.

During the last board meeting Eley Engineering was authorized to survey the neighborhood.

"What we did was go out and survey the gutter line," said Josh McPherson with Eley Engineering.

He said that over time curbs would settle and shift due to any number of reason and therefore cause any water to not drain off correctly.

"The only way to find out where the problem areas are is to survey the line," he continued.

With the surveying complete the issue was once again brought before the board.

"In order to make the repairs to Eastgate subdivision that are necessary there is going to be a pretty fair amount of concrete work involved," Eley reported to the board. "We are going to have to dig up some curbs and we are going to have to dig up some driveways, partially, not the whole driveways. After that we are going to have to re-patch the driveways as well as portions in the streets."

Eley explained that basically what has happened there is that the curbs were off and then people came in and paved the streets to match the curbs so ultimately the streets are off now as well.

According to the engineer, regardless of what approach the board decides to make in the neighborhood, some maintenance work will be needed in the area on both the curbs and street overlays in the near future.

"Is this something that we need to look into getting a grant for," asked board Chairman Andrew Williams.

"Just to fix these trouble spots that are the main problems with the drainage, I don't know if a grant would be necessary," answered Eley. "However, it is a pretty extensive project."

Supervisor James McBride said that the county road department does not do the type of work that will be needed on this type of project and therefore, in his opinion, the county needs to secure a grant.

"One of my concerns here is that if we do the work that you have surveyed now, then two years down the road we are going to have to do the work on the other stuff," he said. "I would suggest that we take a holistic approach here. I think that we should do it all and do it right."

"I think that it makes sense to be holistic about the project," said Supervisor Donny Whitten. "The streets have a relationship to your curves and vice versa and to go in there and work on the curbs and patch the streets only to come in later and overlay the streets, we are going to be mismatched again. So, I think that Supervisor McBride has a better idea."

The board agreed to search for grants that would allow the county to make all the needed repairs simultaneously.

The Bolivar Commercial will have more on this project, as the information is made available.