A wonderful football and reunion weekend
by Doc Hardy
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Was Cleveland the place to be this past weekend or not? Homecoming at CHS and home game for Delta State; Octoberfest downtown and so many class reunions. Ole MS homecoming against Auburn in Oxford and MS State at home against Tennessee with both games on TV; East Side at home successfully defending their unbeaten streak.

Guess what — All these teams won.

To top all this off the Reets and Tangents reunion groups performed for a multiclass reunion at the Cleveland Country Club. I missed their performance but I see on Facebook that those in attendance were not disappointed.

My class, from a few years ago, held a class reunion and thanks to host, G.R. Harden we had a great time both Friday and Saturday night at his “man cave”. Thanks to you G R. and your wife for being such gracious hosts.

Danny and Betty Lindsey welcomed our class to their beautiful home on Saturday morning for a brunch. Thanks Danny and Betty for allowing us the privilege of gathering at your home. The breakfast brunch was fantastic.

Thanks to Johnny Norquist and Charlie Francis for some great ribs, chicken and steak both nights at G.R.’s and thanks to Lawrence Ray Henson for putting in the time and effort in organizing our class reunion. There were others who worked hard to put this together and I personally thank each of them for their hard work.

I am sure those of you who attended your class reunions got a chance to check up on what so many of your classmates were up to these days. Take it from an old timer that as you age these reunions sometimes become sad occasions as you hear of more and more of your classmates passing.

I was disappointed to find so many of my classmates who live right here in Cleveland did not attend this year. Your class reunions might have experienced the same. I hope those of you who did not attend your class reunion will reconsider for your next reunion.

At our brunch on Saturday morning, the sport of golf came up in one of our conversations. Of course it would with Freddy Craddock there. He was asking Johnny Norquist why they both discovered golf so late in life. Johnny relayed his story of deciding to take up the game and give up fishing so he could spend time with his family when they came to visit. None of his family wanted to fish, they only wanted to play golf. Now, I hardly ever see Johnny on the lake.

I relayed my true story about my last golf excursion. SEVERAL years ago I played golf almost as religiously as I did tennis. One afternoon after my classes were over at DSU, I drove to the DSU golf course and played nine holes. Shot a two under par 34 and left very happy. Fast forward to next day, same clubs, same conditions and I shoot a 59. Believe it or not, I have not picked up a golf club since. My opinion was that if you can get that bad in one day, then you need to find another game, so I took up tennis again.

I told Johnny, Freddy and Don Mitchell that the reason golf is called GOLF is because all the other bad four letter words were used up when it came time to name the game and I can surely understand the reasoning for the name.

One of my classmates, David Hart showed up on Saturday night. He had missed Friday and Saturday morning and we were all surprised when he came on Saturday night. I could not help but remember one of the funniest events from high school that happened with David.

There were a group of us in high school who formed a science and math study group to prepare for each major test. Can’t remember everyone in there, but do remember Lee Jordan, Don Mitchell, Edgar Grissom, Margaret Anne Davis and of course David. David was, and still is, a fine individual, but he had one fault in high school which gave us all problems. He rarely accepted anything at face value and wanted a clear and concise answer to every question. SO, what he would do is ask so many questions in these study sessions, that hardly ever could we accomplish what we set out to do.

Well, on one particular night before a major test, we all decided not to tell David we were meeting. We met at my house and gave my mother strict instructions to tell David if he called we were not there. My mother had a problem with telling a lie or hurting someone’s feelings so when David called she told him to come on over we were there studying.

I told her that she had ruined our night of study and she asked why. I told her about David always asking questions and that I promised her the first words out of his mouth when he came in the front door would be a question. She proposed a bet with me and I accepted.

The moment David rang the doorbell, my mother ran to the door and caught David by the arm and said to him, “David come on in and don’t say a word.” To which David replied, “WHY?” Well, as you might guess we all cracked up and almost forgot about studying the rest of the night. Mother reluctantly paid her bet to me.

When David sat at my table Saturday night, he brought it up before I could even mention it. He too has never forgotten. He also made me feel wonderful when he commented on what wonderful parents I had and he could not understand how I had turned out in such a way. We shared another great laugh.

To all my classmates who attended this weekend. Thanks for coming and it was great to have you back in Cleveland and to those who were not in attendance I pray you have the opportunity to attend the next class reunion.