Be Encouraged: Never allow past defeats to hinder future victories
by Donell Maxie
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It's amazing how so many of us allow what we have gone through to stop us from doing something great.

Too often we settle for mediocrity when God has called us to something higher, but because we have failed before we pause when the opportunity to try again presents itself.

Everyone has a past and everyone has failed at one point or another. To fail is to learn and to try is to understand the wisdom you gained from falling.

When I was in the ninth grade I was on the basketball team at Broad Street High School. Although a good player at the time, because of my age I didn't play a whole lot during the regular season.

Not playing didn't bother me as much because I had developed a horrible anxiety about being on the court with upperclassmen because earlier in the year in a game against Quitman County I had played horribly and was embarrassed by my performance.

Because of this I was always reluctant to go out there and try hard. I decided that when given the chance I would not play as hard and would have the excuse of not caring when I messed up.

That attitude was bad and one day a good friend, who was a senior on the team named Larry Hicks (R.I.P) came to me and said, "Donell you are better than you are playing and if you are going to be the ball player you want to be you can't keep holding on to every mistake you make out here."

On that day I realized that I was holding on to my past failures and instead of working hard to become better, I allowed myself to wallow in a pit of self-pity and self-doubt.

I decided to get up that day and work hard to not allow what I had experienced on the court early in the year shape what the rest of my season could be like.

When the state playoffs came around I was ready and when my team needed me the most in a playoff game against Baldwyn I stepped up and played well scoring 13 points off the bench to help pull out a 57-53 win.

That experience taught me to never dwell on past failures, but to remember each moment and learn from them to become better in the future.

Because of the bad things that occur many of us allow our potential to be held hostage. So many of us are flustered by what people think about us due to what we use to do that we refuse to live a free life, but as believers we must remember that there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus.

The enemy wants to make sure you feel like you will never move from under the umbrella of pain, frustration, hurt and wrong doing that you’ve gone through in life. I have discovered more often than not it’s church people who are the main culprits of this type of attack. It baffles me how the people who are suppose to be the most supportive are the ones who try the hardest to throw you off the spiritual railroad track when it comes to growing in God.

I’ve learned in my life that this Christian walk is a tough journey. There is always a struggle with our flesh and sometimes we lose those battles. The ability of God’s love to forgive us of our sins and allow us another opportunity to improve ourselves is key to our growth.

I pray we learn what we have gone through does not have to determine where we finish. You don’t have to look like what you have gone through. This race we run and the battles we fight are all spiritual. Because this is spiritual warfare we must learn to let God fight our battles and help us through our struggles. What we used to be must not have any affect on what God desires for us to be. Let go of your past failures and embrace the opportunity to do better in the future.

Keep the faith and stay encouraged. M.J.T. Love.

Donell Maxie is a staff writer for The Bolivar Commercial He can be reached at 843-4241 or e-mail him at