Supes updated on roads
by Chance Wright
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Around July 4, rains brought relief to a long period of drought in and around Bolivar County.

While the cool sensation of summer showers were welcomed by most, the Bolivar County Road Department and County Engineer Bob Eley saw their efforts in completing projects across the county stymied.

"I can report that two projects are completed and will be removed from my report beginning at the next meeting," Eley told the Bolivar County Board of Supervisors on Monday. "These projects are the 'hump bridge' on Benoit-Litton Road over Clear Creek and the bridge replacement project on Caston Road over the Hushpuckena River."

Eley then reported on other countywide projects that are currently underway or will begin in the coming weeks.

The bridge replacement on Hiter Road over Big Braford Bayou is still in the planning stage.

"Final assembly plans have been submitted and we are just waiting on the right-of-way acquisitions," said Eley.

The section of Old U.S. Highway 61 over the Huspuckena River has been approved as a Program for State Aid and all proposed plans were submitted to the state in June.

"The Mcknight Road project has, of course been complete but we are still waiting on the final inspection and approval from the Mississippi Department of Transportation," said Eley.

The Safety-Lou projects in Benoit, Beulah, Mound Bayou, Pace, Gunnison and Shaw are currently underway.

"The Benoit, Beulah and Gunnison projects are complete except for adding the shoulder gravel," added Eley. "The contractor is working on the paving in Pace and should be finished in the next day or so. Other contractors are doing the cement-treating base in Shaw and should begin paving there by the end of the week. At this time we are working on the revised plans and specs for the Davis Street project in Mound Bayou."

The West Mound Bayou Road project has been approved for State Aid and the engineering surveys and development of plans has begun.

Eley said that three other major projects are in the works and continue to move forward at a steady pace.

"The Bayou Road-Boyle project is underway," Eley told the board. "The roadway is temporarily open to traffic and the plan is to pave this road ASAP. The city of Boyle has contacted me regarding when this road will be paved and I reported to them that we are waiting on the weather to allow the county road department to pave."

The second major project discussed was the Shelby Nursing Home Access Road.

"As per Supervisor Preston Billings and this board's request, I have provided cost estimates for this project to the county supervisor," said Eley. "We are currently searching for avenues of funding."

The final project under discussion was the sewage projects in the Noblin and Stanton subdivisions in Cleveland and the Isaac Daniels subdivision in Mound Bayou.

"Interlocal agreements between the county and the municipalities have been approved and sent to the department of environmental quality," updated Eley. "We are awaiting an opinion from the Attorney General's Office regarding the Cleveland's authority to operate the sewage system in the Noblin and Stanton subdivisions.

"As soon as we receive the opinion, we will be able to proceed with signing the loan agreement and move forward with advertising bids for the work. We also need user agreements to be prepared and all residents in the three areas to sign these agreements before we start construction."