Shaw asks county for aid with road repairs
by Emily Peacock
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Updates, requests and other items were discussed during the city of Shaw's board meeting Tuesday evening.

Shaw Mayor Willie B. Johnson told the board, "We have gotten approval to obtain a $2,500 smoke free grant and that is to educate the citizens in Shaw on the harmfulness of tobacco and smoking."

She then thanked the Bolivar County Board of Supervisors for repairing part of city's backhoe.

"It's not completely repaired but it's where we can use it," she said. "So hopefully we can use it to fix some of those leaks and deal with the other problems we're having which include fixing some of our potholes."

Johnson mentioned they have completed their Security Vulnerability Self-Assessment Guide for Mississippi's Public Water Systems, which is from the Mississippi Department of Health Bureau of Public Water Supply.

"We need to approve it," she said.

A motion to approve the guide was made by Alderman Roger Dale Carter and was seconded by Alderman Terry Collins. The motion was carried.

The board also approved a resolution to commemorate and honor the Purple Heart Veterans.

"Next we have our request to the board of supervisors. We're having problems with our sewer pump on Issaquena Street. I was told that we would have to get a truck and go in and pump the water," she said. "What had happened was the floaters had gotten loose in there, so that means someone has to go in and pump all that out and carry it to the lagoon.

"So we need three loads of gravel so that the trucks can get in and out from the lagoon," said Johnson. The request was approved.

"I'm also requesting of the board of supervisors that they repair and overlay Lipe Street, Lampton Avenue, Hawkins Street and East Moses Avenue. They are terrible," said Johnson.

"We also have a lot of potholes in our streets and no materials to fix them. We are going to request for the board of supervisors to help repair the potholes. They do have a nice machine to repair the potholes," she said.

Johnson listed Cottonwood, Dorsey, the west side of Johnson Street, the intersection of Mason Street and Grant Street, Ellwood Street, Bayou Street and Cohn Street all need repair.

Johnson asked if there were any other streets that could be added to the list.

Shaw Public Works Director Keith Thomas also listed Issaquena Street, Douglas Avenue, Elm Street and Alexander Avenue. the request, it was seconded by Collins, and it was carried by the board.