Mound Bayou reviews year to-date
by Emily Peacock
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Mound Bayou superintendent, school principals and other department heads gave their monthly reports to the school board of trustees on Wednesday.

“We usually report on our average daily attendance, for I.T. Montgomery with an enrollment of 317 students in this report, we had 13.46 absences per day and J.F.K. has 269 enrolled and has 7.55 absences per day, so we’re looking at 21.41 absences per day at both schools,” said Superintendent William Crockett. “A couple of years ago, we could easily say that number at one school. So it’s coming down. We’d like to compliment our parents for sending them to school on a daily basis.”

He said the total attendance at I.T. Montgomery is 95.75 percent, J.F.K is 97.19 percent and both schools average attendance is 96.41 percent.

“I would like to thank Linda Robinson (the district’s special education director and curriculum director) for purchasing an Internet database called Headsprout for our kindergarten through second grade. It’s designed to keep children on grade reading level.,” said I.T. Montgomery Elementary Principal Johnnie Vick. “The kids absolutely love it. Our kids love it and can’t get enough of it. Our students are gradually learning to read with this and coupled with what’s going on in the classroom.”

Vick addressed the fact that his school’s Quality Distribution Index moved up five points last year from 117 to 122.

“The school is no longer at risk of failing because of that five points,” he said. “When I came to I.T.M. a little over a year ago, this school didn’t meet growth. Now, the school met growth last year.”

Vick went on to say the school made progress and changed the attitude of the school.

“It took a tremendous effort just to change the attitude of this school. Before the school could even begin to move forward, the old attitude had to be changed,” he said.

He mentioned their first state practice test will be held on Dec. 5-9.

“The purpose of this first practice test is to show our teachers and students a real test performance. It will be held as if it were the real test,” he explained. “It will give us baseline data that we can us for the spring semester so we will know our student’s strengths and weaknesses.

“We don’t expect them to score very high because not all objectives have been covered.”

Vick went on to invite everyone to the school’s open house on Monday.

“J.F.K. is number one in the Mississippi Delta. It ties with DeSoto County high schools and others in meeting the combined criteria of being successful or above for three consecutive years, meeting state growth for three straight years and meeting federal Adequate Yearly Progress for three straight years,” Dr. Wanda Stringer, principal of John F. Kennedy High School, informed the board.

According to Stringer, Mound Bayou School District is the only school district in the Delta besides DeSoto County to meet state growth for three consecutive years.

“State growth is the most difficult to maintain from year to year, yet J.F.K. and the Mound Bayou School District have both met state growth for three years,” she said. “We need to pause and count our many blessings.”

Stringer went on to say what the high school will be doing to keep up its successful stride.

“We will continued to encourage parents to send their children to us every day so that we can educate them. We will continue to maintain a school environment that is conducive to a high quality of instructions and maximum learning. Our master teachers will continue to teach from bell to bell and we will push for the teaching of 90 percent of objectives by the end of the first semester,” she said.

She mentioned initial practice tests will also be administered at the high school to obtain baseline data.

Kenyartic Brown, the district’s federal program director, said, “We’ve gone down to Kosciusko several times carrying buses back and forth to fix recalls and other problems.

“Currently, we still have three buses there, but all of our regular route buses are here and running today. We still have some spares for parts in case we need them. We received a call yesterday and we are making arrangements to pick them up.”

He also said they are still waiting to receive score reports from the U.S. History, English II, Biology I and Algebra I tests.

“As soon as we get that, It will be forwarded along to the schools,” he said.

Edgar Glover, maintenance director, reported there was quite a few water leaks at both schools and these leaks have been repaired.

“We have been going through and cleaning window units,” he said. “The air conditioning in these schools are window units and some are old. We change them out year by year as they stop working. We’ve changed out several last year and this year.”

He said they are in the process of installing heat and air units in the junior high wing of J.F.K. and are installing door closers and locks on classroom doors and installed emergency signs and lights at both schools.

“We’ve performed maintenance on our boilers,” he said. “We continue to do general maintenance on our lawn mowers and we are continually ordering and reordering supplies for cleaning and maintenance.”

He also mentioned hallways in both schools have been painted, and water fountains have been installed on the fourth grade hall and at the library at I.T.M., at the entrance of the high school and the one at the band hall has been repaired.