Train museum hosts musical evening
by Paisley Boston
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The Martin and Sue King Railroad Heritage Museum will play host to Music in the Museum at 6 p.m. Thursday and admission is free.

"We will have live music, some special lighting and an evening running of the trains, and some light refreshments. This event will be fun for the entire family. We want the community to come out, see what's new in the museum and what we're planning next," said Director Lisa Miller.

According to Train Engineer Larry Howard, the purpose of the event is to aid in the promotion of the museum and to offer people in the community a musical experience of a lifetime.

"We are going to play some train songs, country songs and gospel songs. We are also going to take request from the crowd. We just want people to come out and have a good time," said Howard.

"We also plan to have some beautiful lighting. We will run the trains. We will be playing rhythm guitar, bass guitar, lead guitar and drums. The people who are playing have a following in this town for 40 or 50 years," he added.

Miller said the museum tried hosting the event in December but the weather was not permissible.

"We sort of had a trial run in December. It was the night of the Christmas parade but the weather was awful. Although we did not have a large turn out, it was kind of like a trial run and it gave us a chance to check placement for the musicians and acoustics," added Miller.

"The weather is suppose to be beautiful on Thursday so just come out and enjoy a great time with us. This event is going to be different from the Other Fest and Another Fest. This is going to be a different crowd with different types of music," she added.

"In the past, we have hosted ‘A Night at the Museum’ but we were hosting this during the month of October. The month of October seems to be the busiest time of year for Cleveland," she continued.

"We have switched gears and now we have the opportunity to offer live music. There is live music popping up everywhere in the city of Cleveland," said Miller.

Howard said the museum plans to host the event once a month," she added.

Miller said she plans to host Music in the Museum the second Thursday of each month during daylight savings time.

"This will give older individuals a chance to come out and listen to some fine tunes as they watch the trains run. It is always fun to see the trains running in the evening even if you have been her 10 times it still looks different in the evening," said Miller.

Miller said this is one of many events the museum plans to host.

"In this area we are awakening our musical history and our musical abilities. There are other venues where you can hear this kind of music but this gives people the opportunity to hear something other than Blues and Alternative Rock," she said.

"This will also give people who work during the day, a chance to see the train. There are so many other activities after school and people are so busy during the week," added Miller.

Miller said she hopes the event evolves and if it does, she plans to add more elements to it.

After visitors listen to wonderful music and enjoy seeing the trains run, Miller said visitors could take part in magnificent down town Cleveland.

"Whether people realize it or not, our downtown never sleeps. We have stuff going on down town into the night hours," said Miller.

The primary mission of the Martin & Sue King Railroad Heritage Museum is to educate visitors and to preserve and promote the history and the culture of the railroads in the Mississippi Delta.

For more information contact Miller at 662-843-3377.