She’s more than a queen; she’s our friend
by Caroline Laster
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The flashes from the cameras have stopped. The glasses have stopped clanking. The glitz of the grand announcement has past. The red carpet has been rolled back up but The Bolivar Commercial still has its queen. She is our very own publisher. Our fearless leader, the one who guides us, and most of all, is our friend.

I give Diane Makamson so much credit for all the awesome things she has done for this community. She has worked tirelessly for Bayou Academy, Junior Auxiliary, the Cleveland-Bolivar County Chamber and other community events, I don’t even know about. She is now Cleveland Junior Auxiliary’s 2014 Children’s Benefit Ball Queen. But the royal person I would like to honor is “The BC Queen” that we all know.

When I first started at the paper, Diane, who was bookkeepper then, would come in the back and push me every morning. Confused by this, I let her do it everyday until one day I pushed her back at the urging from a coworker. She never pushed me again. Was she telling me she liked me? Was she teaching a lesson to stand up for myself? I really never knew then, but she did help me to know the answer to those questions over the years cause she is one of the strongest women I know.

This dame (she has earned the title) is willing to do whatever needs to be done. She will help in our printing department when it gets really busy. She collates, folds, staples, and stacks. It is fun to work on these things with her cause she can keep the mood light. She has cleaned up the back warehouse, painted the walls and decorated. She can do anything. If she doesn’t know how to do something, she will just figure it out. This busy woman mows the grass in the heat of the Delta summer. Sometimes it seems she enjoys it so much that she will mow even if it doesn’t look that tall at all.

Years ago when Denise, our managing editor, needed to move from one apartment to another, Diane rallied the troops and we met and moved Denise. She made sure everything was cleaned from the old apartment and helped organize the stuff in the new one. She made sure we all got to eat supper, going on a quest to get us pizza, and then haggling with the pizza place for a better discount. Today she still helps Denise when she needs things done at her apartment, from changing light bulbs to killing snakes (although her husband Kenny really does that).

When my grandmother died, she came to my apartment in her bathrobe to comfort me. She just left her house immediately. She calmed me down and then took me to Mama’s house. When my in-laws passed away, she went all the way to Greenwood to check on David and bring food.

When Denise’s grandmother in Ohio died, she washed clothes and helped her pack for the trip.

When we have had employees and former employees pass she is the one that finds out what we need to do. She makes sure we are all OK.

When any of us have been sick and in the hospital, she is always there too. When David was sick in Jackson she called everyday to check on him. Years ago, after my first miscarriage, she came directly to see me after she got home from a trip to give me a hug and check on us. And in true form, when my son was born she came to Greenville to see him the night he came into the world. Diane and Kenny were Crawford’s first visitors! She couldn’t wait to hold him and had even brought him a present. She took pictures too, so everyone could see the new Bolivar Commercial baby.

She has many friends here at home and all over the Delta. She still keeps in touch with high school and college friends. She keeps up with people who have left the paper and even people who went to school with her children. She is a very loyal person.

If you have a personal issue you can go to her. I know she would move Heaven and earth to help you out. That’s the kind of boss people should have and that’s the kind we have, our friend Diane Makamson.

All hail to our Queen!