Not too late for Obamacare
by Paisley Boston
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The deadline to receive Affordable Healthcare has been extended.

On Monday many Americans scurried about to sign up for health insurance but due to technical difficulties related to the website, the new deadline to sign up for coverage is April 15.

"The system was down all day. When we had the website opened, it continued to recycle information over and over again," said Affordable Care Representative Veronica Griffin.

The Obama administration has extended the opportunity to Americans who began the Affordable Care Act signup process by the March 31 deadline.

"We have been granted a 15 day extension for everyone that was "in line" to get coverage. It is based on the honor system. For example if there are people that called me but they could not reach me on the phone to get an application then this means that they are technically still in line, "said Griffin.

"This does not mean literally standing in line. This is for individuals who tried to reach us for assistance but they were not able to get through. All they have to do is call and get an application in," she added.

Although the deadline has been extended, Griffin said she strongly encourages individuals to sign up as soon as possible because things were hectic on Monday and it may be like that on April 15.

"If they wait until the very last day then we may not be able to sign them up. We do not want people to wait until April 15. They need to sign up for coverage now," she continued.

Griffin said she and her three assistants were only able to process one application per hour on Monday and it was a very frustrating procedure.

"We were in the office until well after 1 a.m. We signed up about 600 people. It was very frustrating because on a typical day we can get three to four applications in per hour. Between four computers, only one application was processed per hour," said Griffin.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, website received over 4.8 million visitors on Monday and 1.8 million calls to the call center.

Griffin said health insurance is vital and people should take advantage of affordable coverage.

"On a scale from one to 10 having health insurance is a 10 because you never know what is going to happen to you. You may be okay today and have an aneurism tomorrow – you just never know," she added.

"You don’t think about insurance until it is time to use it and then it may be too late," she added.

Griffin said individuals should not trust propaganda and they should research information about healthcare coverage on their own.

"Please follow up for yourself. I have yet to see the same premium for two households or two people. Apply for coverage based on your family's income," said Griffin.

"If you need health insurance for yourself then you should call us and get information – don’t listen to your neighbor or a friend because each individual household has their own individual coverage," she added.

"Your neighbor may not get a subsidy because of their household income but you may be able to receive one. Try for yourself and see what you can get," she continued.

Griffin said she assisted a large number of individuals with signing up and she has never seen two individuals or two families receive the same premium.

"If your income is not the same as your neighbor's income and household size is not the same as your neighbor's household size then your premium is not going to be the same as your neighbor's premium," she continued.

"We are going to make triple sure that we get everyone in. If individuals have missed the deadline, they can call us and we will definitely get them in," said Griffin.

For more information visit or call Griffin at 662-523-2868.