New Lance’s Auto owner to maintain service
by Paisley Boston
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Michael Aycock
Michael Aycock
Lance's Automotive Service has a new owner and he plans to maintain the company's reputation.

Owner Michael Aycock of Jackson said he is very excited about taking over the shop and he plans to offer excellent service.

"I decided not to change the name because the company already has a good reputation and I want people to know that I am going to carry on that reputation," said Aycock.

"I want people to come here and feel comfortable with having a nice clean place to wait, while they are getting their cars repaired," he added.

Aycock is originally from Inverness but he has been residing in Jackson for many years with his wife and three children.

He said he left Inverness at age 25 and repaired imported cars for over 15 years in Jackson.

"I initially began working on cars when I was 16 years old. After receiving four years of college in Auto Mechanics, I learned that it was my passion and I have been doing it every since," said Aycock.

He attended Mississippi Delta Community College where he majored in Auto and Diesel Repair.

After attending MDCC, he went to Jones County Junior College and majored in Automotive Machinist.

"I wanted to learn everything that I could before I got out in the world. I have always been the type of person that wanted to understand how things work. Most people just want to swap the part but I want to know how it works," said Aycock.

"The curiosity of how parts work is what drove me to want to repair cars," he continued.

He said his talent for repairing vehicles is a gift from God and his father was his greatest inspiration.

"My father inspired me to work on cars because he built farm equipment for a living. He would always tinker with things. He had tractors and he would always try to keep his farm equipment going by using various methods," he added.

"My first repair job was to a bicycle. It has always been in my blood. It is a gift that God gave me," Aycock said.

Former owner and Cleveland Fire Inspector Greg Jackson said he is confident in Aycock's ability to maintain the integrity of the company.

"Michael is very knowledgeable in the field of auto mechanics – if I have problems with my vehicle I will take it to him because I trust him," said Jackson.

"I am excited about him being the new owner. I am behind him 100 percent. He is a good guy. I hope that the business continues to grow and I wish him the best. I also hope that my former customers continue to go to him for business," added Jackson.

"I am going to help him all that I can to get on his feet. People are use to that place being a good trustworthy place and I think that he is going to continue providing superior service," he continued.

Although Aycock is excited about his new venture, he was a bit skeptical about it initially.

"My brother called me about four weeks ago and told me that there was a shop in town that was available. I was a bit skeptical at first because I did not have a lot of money but I called Greg anyway and now I am here," said Aycock.

He officially opened the shop on April 29, which is his birthday and the same day that he started his last job 17 years ago.

"Once people realize that I can be of assistance to them, I think they will come. I plan to offer impeccable assistance and work. I like the people that I have met so far. Everyone that I have met seems to be hospitable. I can pretty much get along with anyone," he added.

"I can repair any part a car except automatic transmissions. You pretty much have to specialize in automatic transmissions to be able to repair them. I have repaired them in the past but they are very technical and expensive to repair. I can put them in but I do not repair them," he continued.

Aycock said he will continue to carry out the company's integrity and he may change the name at a later time.