Musicians sought to play Celtic tunes
by Elisabetta Zengaro
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Celtic musician Catherine Koehler is looking to expand the Delta’s rich musical heritage with the formation of a Celtic music interest group.

Koehler plays the bodharan, an Irish drum, and wanted to create a group where people who share her passion for Celtic music could have an outlet to perform here in Cleveland.

“I tried for a while going to Grover’s Corner but they play country western,” said Koehler.

While Koehler said she loves the group at Grover’s Corner, it was a struggle for her to play there because Celtic music is a different style.

“I love it (Grover’s Corner) and recommend going to it, but Celtic music needs its own group of musicians,” said Koehler.

What distinguishes Celtic music form other genres is that is played in a different key and rhythm, Koehler added.

“It’s a type of music we don’t have in the Delta,” said Koehler.

The instruments used to play Celtic music are also unique. Besides the bodharan and bagpipes, some of the instruments Koehler said Celtic musicians play are the guitar, flute, recorder, fiddle and concertina—a type of accordion.

Traditionally, Koehler said Celtic music originated from Ireland, Scotland and Wales and deals with the culture of that area.

“In order to help bring some of that history back, we need a group to help foster music in the area,” said Koehler.

However, the group will not be just for Celtic musicians. Koehler said people who just want to listen to the music can join as well.

There are many ways the new group could benefit the community. Koehler mentioned the group could host Celtic music workshops or listening sessions for people to attend.

Koehler said the group is in the beginning stages of development and is open to musicians and music lovers.

Fans and musicians that want to join the Celtic music interest group should call Koehler at 662-402-1260 or 846-6271.