Locals comment on judgment in Zimmerman trial
by Kevin Pearson
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The George Zimmerman trial and its verdict have been filled with controversy.

Zimmerman was accused of murdering 17-year old Trayvon Martin and, with no eyewitnesses and little physical evidence, Zimmerman was found not guilty by a jury of his peers, which consisted of only six women.

The question of who started the altercation, if Zimmerman profiled Martin, why he pursued Martin after police told him not to, whose voice it was screaming for help on the 911 call and if Zimmerman really did shoot Martin in self defense was never clearly answered or corroborated by witnesses.

We asked the citizens of Bolivar County what their thoughts were on the Zimmerman trial and verdict.

Courtney Jackson, 22, of Shelby said, “I just want to know what evidence they were given to say he was not guilty. You know they looked over the evidence but I want to know what they saw that I didn’t see to say that he was not guilty. From what I saw, in my opinion, he was guilty.”

Terence Brown, 20, of Cleveland said, “It’s f****d up. I felt like more could have been done on Trayvon’s side.”

An older, anonymous man said, “Well I think they should have come out with some kind of guilty because after all the weapon that was involved. And another thing, I think there should have been some blacks on the jury.”

Tommy Washington, 39, of Pace said, “Considering I wasn’t there and I can’t say but from what’s been said and through all the things that they described happening, I can’t see a man standing over somebody punching his head into the concrete and when you shoot him he don’t fall on you. So I don’t know. My personal thing about it, if there’s something to be done about it, it might not get done but you get what you deserve in the end.”

Larissa Mitchell, 23, of Cleveland said, “I honestly feel as though it wasn’t the best choice, in light of things, because I do feel that Zimmerman should have followed the orders to stay but he continued to pursue the young man in spite of them. I feel as though he should have followed orders and for that reason he should have at least gotten manslaughter or something. Maybe not murder but manslaughter should have been an option that was chosen for him because, had it been in any other situation, I think manslaughter would have been the best answer.”