LaForge announces campaign for Delta State
by Courtney Stevens
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Show me the money, Delta State!

During his inauguration, Delta State University President Bill LaForge announced that DSU was now in the public phase of the Campaign for Delta State.

Campaign for Delta State is a $40 million fundraising campaign and is coordinated by the Delta State University Foundation.

While the foundation is a separate entity, it works hand in hand with the university in terms of financing and fundraising priorities to help support Delta State.

According to the DSU Foundation website, "The purpose of the Delta State University Foundation is to foster private financial support for Delta State University.

"The Delta State University Foundation encourages and receives gifts and bequests for the University, including both restricted and unrestricted purposes. The Delta State University Foundation also manages endowment funds and other private assets contributed for the benefit of the University."

The Campaign for Delta State has been going on for several years and LaForge sees the $40 million goal met within a year to a year and a half.

"It's a multi-year effort and we're in the final stages of it," said LaForge.

There are different phases in the world of fundraising beginning with the leadership phase.

"Those who are members of the foundation board and those who are the biggest supporters contribute as seed money to get it started," said LaForge.

The next phase is the silent phase, this is when the staff of the foundation goes out and solicits funds from the most likely donors.

After the silent phase the campaign is announced publicly, which is what LaForge did at his inauguration.

"The Campaign for Delta State is a total cumulative effect of all of the fundraising we have done. In the last few years, this campaign has been moving along, has successfully raised dollars for scholarships for students, which is a primary target, faculty development to help out faculty go to conferences to keep their scholarly work up, and certain projects we've sponsored on campus," said LaForge.

One thing the foundation has taken on through the campaign is marketing expenses.

"They are extraordinarily helpful in raising private dollars to support the university," he said.

"The Campaign for Delta State is well along the way, we've made a substantial down payment on that and hopefully within the next year to year and a half we can complete the campaign and announce success and victory, move on, and start a new campaign."

The money raised by the campaign is spread throughout the school for different things such as marketing, athletics, and programs like the Colloquial Series.

The money that is gradually coming is also used towards scholarships.

The campaign also helps with recruiting and allows DSU to market more in order to allow students throughout the state to hear about Delta State and be familiar with the school when it comes time to choose where to continue their education.

"It's a great way for supporters to give bucks and say 'I support Delta State.' This campaign is critical and it will transform Delta State," said LaForge.