Drew leaders updated on Voter ID
by Paisley Boston
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Regional Voter ID Coordinator Dale Persons made a presentation about the significance of voter identification during a Drew Board of Aldermen meeting on Tuesday.
Regional Voter ID Coordinator Dale Persons made a presentation about the significance of voter identification during a Drew Board of Aldermen meeting on Tuesday.
The new mayor of Drew Jeffrey Kilpatrick conducted his first monthly meeting for the city Tuesday.

Regional Voter ID Coordinator Dale Persons made a presentation to stress the importance of voter identification for upcoming elections.

"Starting during the June 3 primary elections, voter identification will be required at the polls. If you are not sure if the identification that you have will be accepted at the polls, you can visit your local circuit clerk’s office to confirm its validity," said Persons.

"The logical forms of photo identification that will be accepted are driver's license, photo identification issued from any branch of Mississippi or the government, U.S. passport, government employee application card, student identification card, military identification and many other forms of identification are acceptable," he added.

Person said individuals might also use an expired driver's license as long as it has not been expired for 10 or more years.

"We know that 99 percent of our citizens have photo identification, we are trying really, really hard to get out to that one percent that does not have it. We have been reaching out to board of aldermen, churches, organizations and many other entities to get the word out about voter identification," said Persons.

"I have been trying to put posters up just about anywhere that I could and I am more than willing to get the word out by presenting information in public arenas," he continued.

Persons said after doing a little research he was surprised to find that the greatest numbers of individuals who do not have photo identification are individuals between the ages of 18–25.

"I am 67-years-old and when I was a kid, you were identified by the car that you drove but a lot of young people these days don’t have a driver's license. I guess this is because the most important things today to kids is social media," he added.

"If you know of anyone who does not have photo identification, please direct them to their circuit clerk’s office to receive a free photo identification card," he said.

"When they go, they need to take some form of identification with them such as a social security card, Medicaid or Medicare card or any form of identification," continued Persons.

Persons also said free transportation to a circuit clerk's office to obtain a Mississippi Voter Identification Card would be provided to any voter needing travel assistance.

Individuals who are in need of travel assistance can all 1844-678-6837.

"They do not have to go to a specific circuit clerk’s office, they can go to any circuit clerk office in the state of Mississippi to receive free voter identification," said Persons.

"No one will be turned away on election day. If you forget your photo identification, you can go to the circuit clerk office and vote using an affidavit ballot and you have up to five days to verify your identity," he added.

After his presentation, Persons announced that the Secretary of State’s Office recently won two awards.

"In Mississippi we don’t get enough gold stars and pats on the back for the things that we do but the Secretary of State’s Office recently received two bronze Telly awards for their voter identification commercial," said Persons.

The Telly Awards is the premier award honoring the finest film and video productions, groundbreaking web commercials, videos and films, and outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs.

"There were over 12,000 entries for this award from all 50 states. For some reason they give out silver awards and bronze awards, they go do not give out gold awards.

This award is not just for local governments, it was for big corporations such as Johnson and Johnson and many other corporations," he added.

Fire Chief Russie McIntyre delivered his report and said things were going well in his department.

"We have had a few small fires such as grass and abandoned houses but we have not had any major fires. Everything is rolling right along with us – we are good," said McIntyre.

McIntyre said he recently received some new information regarding the rubbish collection site in Ruleville.

"They are closer to getting it ready and they have the hole dug. It is a rubbish pit for anyone. The people that own the pit are the same people that own RES. RES will collect rubbish and haul it to the pit," he said.

McIntyre said there is a fee for individuals who desire to utilize the rubbish pit.

"It pit is not for garbage or tires, individuals can bring tree limbs, yard clippings and many other things," added McIntyre.