Dirty South pushes barbecue experience
by Dean Julius
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The South goes “dirty” with Brinda Bouh’s new barbecue and wing restaurant, Dirty South BBQ and Wing Joint. 

“The name came about while I was working in my barber shop. We kicked around some ideas and someone said it had to be about the South, so I said why not Dirty South,” Brinda Bouh, owner.

Mound Bayou native and raised in Merigold, Bouh studied cooking under Jodice Clark in Texas. 

“What makes our barbecue different, I would say, is our love and passion for it. I’ve been talking to a lot of people and it seems they are ready for a change. They want a different place to eat and they seem excited about it (Dirty South BBQ),” Bouh said. 

“I don’t care much for processed food, so I’m going to keep it as close as possible to natural and fresh,” Bouh said. “I’m going to prepare good, quality food.

“It might sound a bit crazy but I’m not so much in it for the money, of course I want to make money, but I love to cook. My momma trained me from the time I was 12-years-old — what’s going to bring people back is the food.” 

The menu certainly follows the rules when it comes to traditional barbecue, serving ribs, chicken, brisket, pulled pork and sliced pork.

However, Dirty South BQQ and Wing Joint comes with a unique twist, adding additional items to its menu like glazed duck and lamb.

“No one here is familiar with smoked lamb,” Bouh said. “I’m going to introduce people to a lot of different things that you can smoke like turkey and duck” she added. 

Bouh was particularly excited about introducing Cleveland to the love of chicken wings.

“Wings are an inexpensive menu item and people love wings,” she said. “People ride around town and say, ‘Oh, let’s stop and get some wings,’ because it’s visible. So we want to give people a variety of wings and we added a little bar here and television so hopefully people can come by in the evening time and watch sports and maybe have a beer and things like that.” 

The dessert menu looks to come straight out of grandmother’s kitchen, including lemon cornmeal cake, a restaurant original, real banana pudding and homemade sweet potato pie. 

“With most restaurants, you know what they going to have on Monday and Tuesday and so on but I’m going to try not to bore them with the same thing every time. Of course, we will always offer ribs, but I’m always going to offer something else on the side,” Bouh said. 

Plans were originally to open a little barbecue shack, Bouh said, but she ran into some obstacles when she found that the city had an ordinance against pre-fabricated buildings. It was then that she decided to open the barbecue shop just walking distance from her barber shop next to Allan’s Shoes on North Davis Avenue.

Dirty South BBQ and Wing Joint opens for business on Aug. 1, serving lunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and serving dinner from 5-10 p.m. For more information contact Bouh at (662)-843-3347.