Causey makes plans to put the scissors down
by Rory Doyle
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After 48 years of cutting hair, Clevelander Eddie Causey retired his scissors on Friday.
After 48 years of cutting hair, Clevelander Eddie Causey retired his scissors on Friday.
For nearly a half century, Cleveland native Eddie Causey has been keeping the cuts fresh.

The longtime barber, who's been styling men's hair for 48 years, is finally putting the scissors and comb down.

Friday was his final day.

"It's going to be tough — an adjustment period for me," said Causey. "I'm going to miss being around all the people and returning customers."

Some of his loyal clients have been coming back for over 35 years and Causey said it would be difficult not catching up with old friends on the same basis.

His storied career began with an apprenticeship in Shaw in 1965 and one year later he opened Eddie's Barbershop on Cleveland's Sharpe Avenue next to the old Grover Hotel.

He was a mainstay there for 36 years before partnering with barber Michael Ray 12 years ago.

The two have formed a solid bond at Mike and Eddie's Barbershop just west of town on Miss. Highway 8.

"We've worked really well together through the years," said Ray. "It's been a good partnership and I wish him the best. I'm certainly going to miss having him here.

Causey attributed the shop's many "best-of" awards to the strong partnership the duo has maintained.

He added that little has changed in his profession since he began, but noted a haircut cost $1.50 in 1965 and costs $15.00 today.

"Other than that, not a whole lot is different," he said. "Overall, it's been a great career.

"I've heard so many stories over the years and I've enjoyed getting to know the public."

With more free time on his hands, Causey can delve further into his many hobbies.

"I'm looking forward to having time for gardening and yard work," Causey said. "I also fly model airplanes at the old airport in Merigold."

He can also be found volunteering at the Martin and Sue King Railroad Heritage Museum downtown, along with performing for the Boundless Love Gospel Singers.

No matter what he's involved with, Causey makes a steadfast difference.

He spent 16 years as the Bolivar County Fire Department's first chief and also volunteered for 30 years with the Bolivar County Emergency Operations Center.

The late Leroy Morganti, a former vice president at Delta State University and one of Causey's devoted customers, wrote about their business/friendship relationship in his weekly Bolivar Commercial column back in 2010.

Below is an excerpt from the column:

I try to save my best jibes for the times when I have a good audience because I can always count on other customers (as well as Eddie ’s business partner Mike Ray) to play along with my charades at Eddie ’s expense. For example, there was the time I had little cash in my wallet and wrote a check. “Is this check any good?” asked Eddie. “It’s as good as that haircut I just got,” I quipped. Right on cue, the other patrons and Mike chimed in: “Don’t take the check Eddie, don’t take it!”

Ray said with all joking aside, his partner deserves a chance to give the scissors a rest.

"I'm glad to see that he's in the position where he can put more time into his hobbies. A lot of folks don't get that opportunity."

Causey said he was afraid of leaving someone out when trying to thank all the supporters, so there was just one special person who received the shout out.

"My wife Martha stood behind me in all the work I did. She was there for all of it."

While the clipping and snipping has come to an end, Causey will always have fond memories of the local clientele that defined his career.

"I'm going to miss all the back and forth talking," he said. "And giving advice — that just comes with the job."